Movies That Every Bride-To-Be Will Relate To


The only things that all brides go through are, DRAMA and STRESS! We have so many things to decide: whether it’s the decoration or our gorgeous attire. But between all the hustle of preparations, we often forget to pamper our minds. It is very important to calm your mind and rest. Since the weekend is here, we bring a list of some of the most amazing movies for every bride-to-be. From the fear of your mother-in-law to your never-ending love for your girl tribe, we have compiled movies for every situation, a bride goes through. 

  1. Bride Wars
    Apart from our family members, our best friend is the one who we miss the most. We start planning our wedding with our best friends since we are really small. From all the locations to our D-day attire, approval of the best friend is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Enjoy this story of two best friends and don’t forget to keep a tissue box with you.

  2. Monster-in-Law
    Imagine this, you and your husband are on a date with a panoramic view. You were celebrating your unison but someone comes and spoils everything⁠— your mother-in-law! So if you are scared of her (or don’t like her already), this movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda is the one for you.

  3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
    We all would accept that apart from inspiring us to follow our dreams, this movie fascinated a lot of us for having a destination wedding. Meeting friends after so many years and enjoying like the old times, is one of the things we look for in our weddings.

  4. Runaway Bride
    Still feeling anxious about the wedding? Here’s a blockbuster starring our favourites: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The movie will make you realise that it’s okay to take your time to be sure about something. After all, we have only one life.

  5. 2 States
    Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same name, it is a story of two people in love but from different cultures. Enjoy this adorable romantic comedy of this unique couple who come out of all the problems to marry each other.

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