Mr. And Mrs. India


Anil Kapoor may have found fame with his film ‘Woh Saat Din’ in 1983 but for every child of the 80s and the 90s, Shekhar Kapur’s directorial magnum opus ‘Mr. India’, was probably the most fascinating piece of art that had happened to Indian cinema. In 1987, ‘Mr. India’ was the highest grossing Indian film and to this day, Anil Kapoor is applauded for his iconic role in the film and his infallible on-screen chemistry with Sri Devi. Needless to say, Mogambo wasn’t the only one who was pleased. By the early 90s, Anil Kapoor already had a huge fan following and with the cult classic ‘Mr. India’; he had successfully managed to amass a legion of loyal fans, more than ever before.

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