Mr Surajit Chatterjee, The Man Responsible For Holiday Inn Goa Candolim’s Success

Holiday Inn Goa Candolim, Surajit Chaterjee - Wedding Affair

Indian weddings are grand affairs, and you ought to select an extravagant wedding location for such a special day. Holiday Inn Goa Candolim is the one place that will add sparks to your wonderful moments if you’ve promised your partner to be there for her through their highs and lows. The hotel is the perfect location for intimate weddings and has won multiple accolades for its wonderful customer service. The question that usually arises in our mind is, who strives their best to bring the hotel to its limelight? Let us take a moment to get to know and appreciate the man who is responsible for the Holiday Inn Goa Candolim’s success.

Holiday Inn Goa CandolimThe hotel’s general manager, Mr. Surajit Chatterjee, makes it his life’s mission to uphold the hotel’s status as Goa’s premier hotel. His leadership abilities and spirit of being able to make each visitor feel comfortable during their stay represent his expertise and experience in the management field. He has a new vision for the hotel and has improved it to increase its appeal to upscale tourists and the sizable Indian wedding industry. His reputation transcends him, and he is well renowned for creating experiences that make his hospitality can enhance into a celebration for guests.

“Goa not only offers gorgeous beaches, pristine sand and seafood but also better venues. You only must decide the type of wedding, such as intimate or big fat, beach wedding or theme wedding—Goa is all set to present you with what you desire, to make your special occasion extraordinarily marvelous,” said Surajeet Chatterjee.

Surajit Chatterjee, who was raised in Jharkhand and finished his education in Dhanbad, Ranchi, first intended to serve in the Indian Armed Forces. Nevertheless, his fate led him on a different route, and he is currently employed in the food and hotel industries. Midway through 2021, the Holiday Inn Goa Candolim announced Surajit Chatterjee as general manager. He firmly supports an open work environment and seeks to create a cohesive team thanks to his more than 20 years of experience and broad knowledge of the food and beverage industry. In the course of his career in hospitality, he has worked with numerous reputable businesses around the nation, including Westin, Novotel, and the Mercure Hotel and Convention Centre. He has won numerous awards throughout the years for his work, and HRANI (Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India) has named him the greatest general manager.

“This property is very fresh, new, and different from any other property in India. The uniforms we wear here, the rooms and décor, the interiors and facade—everything is unique and one of a kind,” he said in an interview.

The enchanting seaside hotel provides a breezy ambience, and the lush greenery in the area makes it the ideal place for your intimate destination wedding in Goa. A special entrance for the future bride and groom is included in the hotel’s wedding package, along with many other services and amenities. At the resort’s many locations, the couple can plan their destination wedding and choose the ideal wedding décor. Along with that, Mr Chatterjee and his staff make sure that your destination wedding at their hotel has a lively atmosphere and is tailored to the preferences of their guests.