Must Have Face Primers For The Perfect Look 


You will conduct a deep down research to choose the best foundation, blush and all other makeup products to don the ultimate make-up looks, but as always, neglect the most important product, primer! Considered to be of the least importance, primers are actually one of the most important elements in our make-up kit. Many face primers come with ingredients that hold the power to fill in fine lines  and wrinkles, and some even contain light-reflecting pigments that give the appearance of a smoother complexion and a more radiant skin tone. Even more brilliant than that, they act as a barrier between your makeup and your skin, creating an even surface for your makeup products to sit on.

So we have enlisted some of the best primers for you to choose from for that perfect make-up look. 

Brown Primer Plus Mattifier


A lightweight face primer that extends the quality of foundation’s wear, controls oil, blurs pores, and helps balance the skin’s moisture level. This product refreshes and smooths skin for makeup application, leaving a cool, breathable finish. Special powder technology absorbs oil and reduces the appearance of pores while sodium hyaluronate helps keep skin’s moisture level balanced. The hydrating property makes it ideal for matte foundations, which are notoriously tricky to work with. 

Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Makeup Base 


This primer base from Chanel is designed to instantly brighten your complexion while evening out your skin texture. CHANEL renews its must-have makeup base with an enhanced formula, higher UV protection and on-the-go packaging. Immediately, skin undertone appears corrected. Light is perfectly reflected on the skin surface with improved radiance that lasts up to 8 hours.

E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer


This Target best-seller comes in four different colors: peach green, purple, and clear. Perfect your skin and lock in moisture with this mineral-infused primer. The velvety base preps your skin, letting your makeup glide on – while giving it all-day lasting ability.The clear option cuts out the guesswork, though. It does a little bit of everything: smoothing, hydrating, and oil-controlling. A pea-sized amount is enough to prep your whole face for foundation.

Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum


A richly concentrated, intensely hydrating, and dual-purpose oil blend serum that treats your skin as it prepares it for makeup. Enhanced with no fewer than 28 skin-nourishing ingredients, this silky, lightweight oil blend glides on seamlessly, priming and hydrating skin perfectly. Softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the formula extends the durability of your foundation and repels water to keep all your makeup looking fresh

Glossier Priming Moisturizer


A lightweight does-it-all formula, this is great for anyone who wants hydration, without feeling like there is anything on their face. It looks and feels just like a moisturiser, but also makes a flawless base to build upon. Layer it up for more hydration, depending on your skin. 


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