“Must have in monsoon”: List of essentials in your handbag!


Rains sure do bring happiness and pleasant weather, but apart from that you also need to take care of a few things in terms of “monsoon essentials”. So, here we have a list of essentials that you need to stock up in your handbags while the monsoon season is on.

Wet wipes/Tissues


Since the monsoon season is all set to knock on your doors, so we feel that even you should be all prepared to welcome the season with open arms. Speaking of being prepared you need to keep in mind a few essentials to keep in your handbags, especially for the women out there. The first essential here would be having a bunch of dry tissues or wet wipes maybe. Tissues are must-haves in your bags, but around the monsoon season, they can act like magical sources to help you clean up after the rain.

Fragranced mists, or perfumes


It sure is pleasant and breezy weather outside, but the downside to this pouring happiness is that it might increase the level of humidity. Hence increasing the possibility of suffocation, stickiness, and even sweat. Just to beat all of these factors the second essential item to stock up in your handbags during the monsoon is your fragranced mists or perfumes. Say that you’re getting late for a get-together or a meeting and it rains while your ride towards the location so I’m sure that you don’t wanna reach all sweaty and sticky. So, perfumes are always safe to keep for emergencies, you know?!

A waterproof pouch

Okay, now this one’s probably the most essential item for all the social bugs out there. The social butterflies who love to update their #Insta stories or even Snapchat stories can really make use of a waterproof pouch. Thinking of how? Well, what if you feel like posing with the rain with your front camera on? Your phone might get drenched in the pouring rain, so it’s better to have a waterproof pouch in your bag just to avoid any damage to your socializing tool.

Extra pair of outfit

Well, you never know when the rain tries to lure you in to get all drenched and have fun amidst the pouring happiness. So, in this case, you really need to keep yourself backed up in terms of clothes, just so that you can get a quick change after you’re all drenched and soaked in water. Hence, make sure to always keep a spare pair of lowers and t-shirt in your handbags while the monsoon season is on.

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