Must haves for the minimal bridal make up look 


Well, not all of us have the  personal access to those  celebrity make-up artists who can create those perfect no makeup bridal looks. But we sure can ask our makeup artist to choose the right products for that light weight feel and look. Here we have created this guide with a couple of light weight make up products which will help your makeup artist curate a minimalist make-up look that’ll allow you to put your best face forward at every event ever!

Lightweight over full coverage foundation

Finding a good foundation that matches your exact skin tone is half the battle won.If your looking to wear makeup all round the day Invest in a lightweight liquid foundation which is buildable but can also be mixed with your moisturiser for days when don’t want to wear a full-face of makeup

The right colour corrector

If there’s one thing in this kit that sounds daunting, colour corrector is it! But, trust us when we say this: if you have discolouration or dark circles, your skin will thank you for it! Peach- and orange-coloured correctors cancel out the blue and green in the skin, thus covering up pigmentation more effectively than concealers, blue or green correctors fix red colourations on pale skin. So if you are looking to cover up your uneven skin tone, a colour corrector can go a long way for you.

A felt-tip over pot liner

While liquid liners in black are the OG residents of almost every make-up kit in the world, if you’re a newbie or just not very confident about your eyeliner skills then a pen liner should be your new best friend. Picking a felt tip over a pot is better because it does not clogs up or get dry.

Cream liquid eyeshadow over eyeshadow

Well, for all lazy new brides out there,  picking up a creamy formulation that is easy to blend is a great choice.  Unlike dry powder eyeshadows, cream shadows that have zero to little fall-off are a great choice.Just pick up a few basic shades like gold, silver, black, and a peach-pink. With these shades, you can create multiple looks