Must haves to include in your winter skin care


We won’t blame you if you feel like the colder days have a beef with your face. But we will suggest, you equip yourself with these winter-proof grooming products to protect your skin from feeling uncomfortably dry, annoyingly flaky and painfully cracked. Here we have the 5 must haves you need to put your fresh face forward.

Invest in a humidifier

Chances are you’ll have the heating on full blast at home, which will suck out any remaining moisture in the air. Invest in a humidifier and have it on at night when your skin does the most replenishing work.

Face Scrub

This is that time of the year when your skin feels most vulnerable so exfoliation might not strike you as an important step for skincare. But skipping straight to moisturising would be like painting on a cracked wall. To keep your skin healthy and happy, always use a gentle, hydrating face scrub. 

Invest in a facial oil 

The below-freezing temps and whipping wind can be harsh on skin, but it doesn’t have to be that way — there are an abundance of oils to choose from to keep your face protected.Some oils offer direct benefits to the skin themselves, while other oil-based products deliver traditional active ingredients to the skin; but just like other skincare products, there are oils on the market to suit every skin need.

Lip balm 

Sure, you might carry a balm around in your purse or apply a hydrating gloss over your lipstick. But that’s just not going to cut it during the colder winter months when morale is low, skin is dry, and lips are chapped. So kick that old balm to the curb—it’s time to bring out the lip scrub. These tiny exfoliators buff away dry skin with gentle ingredients like sugar and fruit seeds while also adding plenty of hydration. 


The sun isn’t limited to just shining during the winter months of the year and that means sun damage should be a year-round concern as keep in mind that sun damage can happen during any season be it winter or summer. Make sure to apply your sunscreen before you go out.