Must-include Dietary Fibres in your Diet

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There are numerous health benefits of adding foods rich in fibre to your diet. Setting up a routine of physical workouts on an everyday basis won’t be helpful unless one focuses on taking the right diet. To lose weight, do not eat less but eat right! Welcome the fibre-rich diet in your routine to gain flawless skin before your big day! Apart from drinking lots of water (approx. 7-8 glasses) throughout the day, one should manage to take an intake of green vegetables and fruits.


First, let us understand why must we take a diet rich in fibre. A diet that is rich in fibre is not only the gateway to gaining flawless skin but also helps one to lose weight. It is essential in lowering the body’s blood sugar level as well as helping in reducing the cholesterol in the body. It minimizes the risk of heart problems and other health risks that may arise due to any hidden issue in the body.

Must Include Dietary Fibres

These foods are highly rich in fibre and are also easily found in the kitchen of every Indian household:

  1. 1. Fruits such as Pears, Apple and Banana: The ideal time to eat fruits is during the daytime, either before lunch or an hour after eating lunch. The age-old saying rightly goes as “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This saying is the ultimate truth to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Cucumber: Cucumber comes in the category of salad and is advisable to have it an hour before mealtime. To gain glowing skin, one should eat raw cucumber every day.

3. Popcorns: Who doesn’t like to have popcorns during movie time? Well, who knew that one of the universally favourite snack items would have the properties that could abundantly benefit the body!


4. Almonds: Almonds must be added to the diet and should be consumed every morning. It is advisable to soak five almonds overnight and eat them empty stomach in the morning.


5. Dark chocolate: For some of us, this one’s the best of all the fibre-rich foods on the list. Dark chocolate is only healthy for the heart and helps in reducing stress but it is also the ultimate beneficial item to add fibre to the body.

If you want fresh skin and a beautiful body, a calm mind and balanced senses, then add these high fibre foods to your diet to gain amazing health and numerous skin benefits.