Nail Your Look With Jelly Nails


The much in trend nail-arts is up for makeover yet again. Jelly nails also known as glass nails due to their glossy finish, are the new ‘in-thing’ on the block. If you’re bored of the regular opaque nails, go for glass-nail manicure this time. Depending upon how you want it to appear, the look could be transparent, coloured or slightly translucent. They are also popular as see-through nails. They are created filing your natural nail down to the bed and painting them over with acrylic.

Photos are sweeping social media with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and bloggers posting their pictures in the new type of nail-art. People are experimenting with the tips too, while some opting for sharply-pointed talons, others are going for boxy or square-finish. A cute round/ ballerina/ coffin or slightly-pointy shape goes well on shorter nails. Depending upon your choice you may opt for single coloured nails or go for different colour each nail for the rainbow effect.

Longer nails give you more canvas to play with and hence, you may add more colours and designs to the jelly nails to make them more appealing. A boxy-shape with glitter complements each other.

The long pointy shape also known as talons are tougher to maintain. You can add pastel-hues, glitter or combine other nail art techniques to your glossy nails for a bold and fashionable appearance. The look can be achieved by mixing the topcoat with just the hint of colour, making it appear as the sheer version of your nail polish. Applying 2-3 coats of the same will give you a refreshing jelly-like finish. You can visit your nearest nail-art salon or achieve the look at home using minimal products.

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