Natural makeup to glow all day without much fuss


Dewy, buttery skin, that goddess glow, naturally flushed cheeks, full feathered brows… Eugh, we LOVE to work a natural beat! However, as simple as no-makeup makeup may seem to be, it does come with its own unique list of setbacks, usually lack of coverage or a failure to make it through the day intact.

How to Get Extra Coverage with MultiDew Skin Tint

If you’re happy to wear light to medium coverage, all you need is one pump of the glow-getting formula and you’ll instantly fall in love with the results. Looking to increase the coverage? Avoid layering up the formula and try these hacks instead:

Spot conceal: For days when you want your skin to glow but you want a little extra coverage in places, just spot conceal. By allowing it to semi-dry and using a brush, you’ll get good coverage with less product so your skin remains glowy and beautiful.

MultiDew Skin Tint on Texture or Redness

If you’re concerned about texture or redness, GloWish MultiDew Skin Tint will even out texture and neutralize redness. As it’s enriched with ugly red bell pepper and Damascus rose oil, which are both bursting with antioxidants and fatty acids, it’ll simultaneously work to correct uneven tone and texture over time with continual use. It also helps to protect your skin against blue light pollution from screens.

Mix with a full coverage foundation

If you’re going full glam but still want that GloWish luminosity (ditto), mix half a pump of our MultiDew Skin Tint with the same amount of your go-to foundation. It’ll provide your skin with a surge of skin-loving ingredients, antioxidants, and hydration all the while giving you that coveted healthy glow.

Use it to highlight

MultiDew Skin Tint is all packing pearls,so you can use it as a dewy highlighter by dabbing it on the highpoints of your face over your foundation. As soon as the light hits your skin, you’ll get that GloWish vibe.

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