Neil Nitin Mukesh gets Engaged !


 Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay took one more step towards imprinting their love for lifetime. The duo got engaged on 7th of February at Radisson Blu  Hotel, Udaipur in a ‘big fat family get together’ as Neil calls it.

Wedding Affair Neil 2

The guests were greeted with an aromatic and sweet-smelling welcome with rose petal showers from the towering balconies of Radisson Blu Hotel. The entrance had a heart touching welcome note that had verses from ‘Hum Tum Yug Yug Se’. The ceremony commenced at 12 noon and the guests kept popping up till 5 pm. The sun set provided the ceremony with a majestic and romantic sun-set overseeing the lake.  It was a beautiful sight to watch Neil Nitin Mukesh, Nitin Mukesh, Nishi Mukesh, Naman Mathur and Neha Swarup shake a leg to the tunes of Indian classical flute and dhol whilst addressing their guests.

Wedding Affair Neil 1
The Sahay Family

The décor was dominated by English vintage garden theme with focus given to minute detailing, which was overseen by Neil’s mother, right from the ethereal tree of life consisting of 2 lac flowers symbolizing the birth of a new association to open air tents decorated with silk drapes. Neil’s favourite flowers’ cherry blossoms were deployed at the entrance with a photo booth that read ‘Love NR’. The cuisine had a special allocation for the ‘Lal Maas Dabeli’ being the favorite dish of the groom to be, Neil, and will be a constant attachment on the menu at every function.

Wedding Affair Neil 3
Nitin Mukesh

The music amalgamated with the Vintage Theme with the display of mammoth size gramophones at the bar area. Taking everyone down the memory line was the speech and everyone indulged enthusiastically, pouring their heart and love out for the couple.  Neil played the perfect gentleman as he escorted his mother-in-law to be on the stage as she delivered a touching speech which made her emotional whilst mentioning that the toughest part is to give a daughter away but she was happy that her daughter was in the most apt and able hands. Neil’s father Nitin too went emotional and sang ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’ that filled everyone’s hearts with love and warmth.

Neil Nitin Mukesh averred, “It is brilliant to see the family getting together. I’d like to call it the big fat family get together rather than the big fat Punjabi family. It all just feels like a family holiday.”

It was a sight to behold when Neil Nitin went down on one knee and proposed his love, pronouncing that her happiness made a worlds difference to him. Rukmini too was all prepared and dedicated a speech to her partner. This was followed by the ring ceremony, some champagne popping, cake cutting and heavy duty dancing. The couple is all set to get hitched on 9th February.