Netflix just got steamy!!: Hot shows to binge alongside your partner 


Are you a “Netflix and chill” kinda person? Well, if you are and if you’re struggling to watch some shows with your partner then we have a perfect list of some hot and slithering shows that you can binge alongside your partner. Have a look at these show suggestions and get ready to spice your real life through some reel motivation.

Dark desire


What are your plans for this week with your bae? Nothing much? Well, then we would suggest you opt for binge-watch with your partner while cuddling under the sheets. Speaking of cuddles, you guys really need a break, so here we have one of the most sexiest Netflix shows to watch. the first one to top up the list would be “Dark Desire”, well it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that this show might arouse you and all your desires with your partner. The suspense, the sexual and steamy vibe of the show might be all you need for a steamy night.



Are you in the mood for some teenage drama? Well, if you are then you and your bae should probably think about binge-watching “Elite”. Amidst the strife between the rich and poor, the steamy essence of the show will probably make your night if you know what we mean. The show begins with a plot twist, where there is a lot of build-up for solving a murder mystery. So, there is a whole lot of tension, but most of it is sexual and if you’re looking for a steamy show to binge with your better half then elite could be your choice.


Well, this one’s an age-old show depicted in the current scenario. If you’re looking for a historical show based in the 1800s and yet seems to be hit and steamy well then Bridgerton it is! This is because the scandalous relationships and sexual encounters in the show might keep you guys engrossed and it might also spice up your intimacy while binging the show.

The vampire diaries


ooohlala!! Well, now this might catch the attention of the girls more than the guys because c’mon two extremely hot men playing vampires and having steamy sex with their respective partners is an all-time treat to watch. Speaking of a treat, you and your partner aid haven’t watched it yet, then you should definitely start binging ‘The vampire Diaries’. Your lust for a dramatic show to watch and the urge to fulfill your own sexual desires will all be solved by choosing the hot shit drama.

Orange is the new black

Now this one might interest the guys more, because like female prison life combined with sexual desires? It all sounds super fun and super steamy. The fact that these female prisoners do not shy away to express their sexual desires is what catches our attention. So, switch that tv on and turn on your steamy desires with your partner while watching the ‘Orange Is the New Black.

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