For the New Age Relationships—the 5C’s Mantra


For the New Age Relationships—the 5C’s Mantra_Wedding AffairThis generation finds it hard to settle for one partner, and so gives birth to extra marital affairs, divorces, and heart-break. A lot many couples are struggling with relationship issues these days and they are near difficult to handle, hence end up breaking. Most of the issues resolve around ineffective communication, misunderstandings, mistrust, need to be the dominant partner and the quest to be right. For smooth functioning of any relationship, it is very important to flow good energy and cultivate synergy. If you wish to have a long-lasting relationship in today’s era where relationships change like seasons, you can try following these 5C’s mantra to be able to survive in a worthy relationship. Each of the C’s is equally important, just perseverance shall be the key.


Communication is the first aspect you and your partner need to work on because there are times in a relationship when one partner might say something completely unintended in a negative way that might leave the other person wounded. And out of human tendency we might end up being reactive, defensive, or passive. The best you can do to avoid any sort of agitation is, respond not react and listen to seek and not to seek. When you listen to understand you give other person validation and value which is very important for a thriving relationship. The biggest communication issue is that we listen to reply and to understand.


A relationship commitment is the agreement to love, be open, accept, and be faithful to your partner. If you intend to truly commit to your partner, you need to gain increased satisfaction, understanding, flexibility, connection and choice. You will have to choose to surrender to love. The idea is to compliment or enhance the self in the relationship. Make sure you are not avoiding commitment, or surrendering to love, because of fear. Commitments can be difficult for some people, because it takes you out of your comfort zone.


Chemistry is not about physical or sexual attraction it is the natural and mutual flow between two people. A bigger portion of chemistry is the desire to know more about the other person, once this desire is induced, you will see that you are more truthful, comparatively open than before and also all the more curious about the other person. This makes communication healthier. Once you acknowledge sparking connection between you to, allow it to unfold with honesty and willingness. Be very sure about not having too many expectations all at once. This will disrupt the natural flow of energy and synergy between the two of you.


The time you’re consciously and unconditionally in the relationship, consensus will be the end result. Also cooperation is very important to seek a win-win conclusion. Consensus will help you keep in mind the importance of both goals and the relationship. Consensus demands effective, respectful, communication and flexibility and openness to understand other persons’ point of view; while expressing your own. Shared responsibility and accountability is the key to creating consensus between you two. It requires the ability and willingness to find the common grounds, honoring your individual differences and working with your similarities.

Common goals

Goals give our lives meaning and value so developing shared direction and goals offers your relationship deeper meaning and connection. Beware that you are not over-looking individual goals over common goals. One needs to give up selfishness to be able to develop common goals.