New Product Launch by Malone Souliers

New Product Launch
Malone Souliers

New Product Launch by Malone Souliers: The British luxury brand Malone Souliers has successfully set its foot in luxury footwear. Now, it is looking to have its clutches in launching the handbags and making it an accomplishment.

Adorning Handbag Collection

They have debuted handbags with four styles and explained that each bag has its own personality.  

  1. The Audrey- It is an elegant, squarely structured bag that has a flap closure and an urbane feel to it.
  2. Rita- It is a sophisticated satin bag in a hexagonal shape made with Nappa leather.
  3. Ingrid- It is a leather bucket bag with an oversized metallic handle. It is an exemplary style statement for minimal events.
  4. Vivien- It is a clutch bag that is embellished with a crest buckle.Malone Souliers

The bags are primarily launched to pair them with their shoes. The founder and creative director at Malone Souliers, Mary Alice Malone said in a statement:

“Shoes and bags are inseparable in our collective fashion imagination. The name Malone Souliers has become synonymous with elevated footwear, so handbags were always going to be close behind.”

They are made with the zero-waste policy from its top-notch selling shoes. The prices range from 595 pounds to 950 pounds. The bags are available both in its chief London boutique and online. Get them now!

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