New Students – Tara Sutaria And Ananya Panday Teach Us Fashion


Karan Johan, the treasurer of Bollywood scoops and scandals, and the king of the ‘campy’ fashion in the Bollywood film industry, is also known for launching new promising celebrity talent each year through his movie productions. Among those, most coveted one is the Student of the Year (SOTY) franchise which serves media attention to its stars on a silver platter. This year Karan welcomes Tara Sutaria, a TV child artist and Ananya Panday, daughter of Chunkey Panday to the Bollywood film industry with a lot of expectations hovering over them. These new stars in the meanwhile have garnered a lot of media with their style and fashion sense during their movie promotions. These girls seem young, talented and are the budding fashionistas. Here are the fresh-style trends that these ‘students’ have rocked recently for you to also incorporate in your wardrobes.

1. Big Bows


Big Bows are the big trend of the season and the SOTY girls teach us how to style big bows in our regular street wear to embrace the fashion divas inside us.

2. Cropped XL jackets


The tiny jackets, usually denim ones, that give you a nice over-sized fit are everything fashion right now. Pair them up with miniskirts, mom jeans or layer them up with tank tops or bralettes like Ananya and Tara are sporting these days.

3. Dad Shoes


The trend of styling dad shoes with anything and everything hasn’t died yet, as seen on the SOTY girls when they put their best foot forward in these comfy, chunky shoes.

4. Off-shoulder, Puffed Sleeves


The world is all about sculpted collar bones right now, and these girls exhibit “if you have ‘em, flaunt ‘em” attitude when they style their off-shoulder tops. To keep things trendy, these tops with puffed sleeves can be worn either with jeans or skirts. Check out how these girls have styled their off-shoulder tops.

5. Everything BLINGY!


Most of us are afraid of wearing too much bling. Ananya and Tara recently rocked their ‘all-blingy’ looks to inspire us to use a lot of bling in our outfit for the next party. Everything sequined is a huge trend this year.

6. Vintage Style Sunglasses


Tiny, tinted and angular sunglasses that remind us of the 90s are back in trend again, and the SOTY girls sport them in style. Go ask your mom if she still has her expensive sunglasses from her college days!

7. Neon


The craze for neon greens, pinks, and yellows, is at its peak right now. Tara and Ananya have beautifully embraced the neon colour trend in their outfits too.

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