Special New Year Eve Wedding Destinations


New Year Eve is a popular choice for weddings specially for those who are mesmerized by the festive-happy vibe and the winter chills. Twinkling lights and seasonal food are actually the highlight of the wedding. Holidays and weddings have a basic factor which is the abundant celebration and the aim to have a get-together with friends and family.We at Wedding Affair have summed up a list of top 5 New Year Eve wedding locations so that your special day and the holiday vibe is embraced.

1. Miami, USA


Escape the freezing wind this winter and go for the perfect place for your New Year celebration. Miami presents the best romantic resorts and hotels. The couple can enjoy quality time at the Miami Beach, you can see the fireworks in the night. You may also go to some rich clubs and bars to enjoy the celebration. Miami could be the perfect beach wedding location for you and your guests. Miami Beach is a world-renowned tropical destination.  The white sands and the palm trees make it such a desirable location, that is just perfect for weddings.  

2.New York City, USA


 You can enjoy the fireworks, clubs, live music and every corner of the New York city. Other than that, one can not miss the annual gathering at Times Square where you can see some famous musicians. You can also go for the night time boat ride on Harbor which gives you the chance to get the best views of fireworks on New Year Eve. In terms of wedding, if you don’t want an open wedding then Rainbow Room attracts the most elite to its luxury event space.

3.London, UK 


One can see the breathtaking ten minutes firework display and light show at the numerous bridges of the banks of Thames. The London Eye and House of Parliament are a major attraction in the city. A New Year parade with marching bands and colourful floats is a treat to see on New Year’s Eve. Loft studios are considered to be one of the best wedding venues during this time. The beautiful and romantic combination of exposed brickwork, oak flooring, high-vaulted ceilings and abundant lights makes this space perfect for your wedding.

4. Paris, Europe


When the Eiffel Tower turns into the site of a terrific light show and firecrackers show, what more is required. The Eiffel Tower is the most popular backdrop for outdoor ceremonies in Paris. You cannot hold your ceremony on the tower itself, there are  perfect spots that surround the Eiffel Tower. 

5.Las Vegas, USA


How can we forget to talk about the Las Vegas? “City Lights”. People travel from far away for the big night – New Year’s Eve. Las Vegas at this time transforms into a street party spot with live music and laser shows. A number of concerts, parties, clubs, events make your eve very joyful and romantic. Getting married in one of the chapels and that too in Las Vegas is iconic. 

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