Newly Weds Can Try These Mini Bars In Their New Homes

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The bride and groom set their new home with utmost love once they are married off. Their new home marks the onward journey of their relationship and hence is curated with all the care in the world. Some like to carve out a bookshelf, others like to make a mini-theatre in their homes. Some like to extract a full-fledged bar in their house. To help such couples out, Wedding Affair has enlisted some of the coolest indoor bar ideas for new homes. Newlyweds must most definitely check these out.

1. Round Corner


Outfit your den or home pub in a sophisticated style with an eye-catching storage bar, showcasing a curved silhouette. The beautiful round display highlights your collection in the best possible way. With that, this style takes up lesser space and carves out the most elegant displays.

2. Regal Wooden Bar


Wooden home bars render a regal touch to everything that is displayed in the collection. The bigger the wooden bar, the better it is.

3. Stonework

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Stonework offers a rustic touch to your bar. Feel like the king or queen of the ancient world with the stonework adorning your house bar. Little metallic accents here and there will multiply the regal quotient. Avoid using glass displays, and go for crystal adornments. This will create an enviable mix of decor.

4. Serene White


White backgrounds work well with glass displays and create a calming display. This is a minimalistic look and avoids the overall clutter. The collection becomes the highlight of this kind of decor. White being a calming colour as well remains the topmost choice for the home decor artists.

5. Under The Stairs


This is the best option for the space-conscious. It also beautifies the small space in the best possible way. Just like the built-in china cabinet, it can be as lavish and as minimalistic as possible.

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