Newlyweds, this is how you can host a party for your friends


Don’t let quarantine put you in a funk, the best part about having time is being able to plan ahead. If you’re anything like me then you’ve used your time to pick up a new skill or brush up on an old one. So without wasting any more time let’s dive into how you can host a party for your friends.

Make sure your house is clean and smells nice

This one is a rather obvious point to make a note of, make sure this is a task you do on the day of the event. Use a party like a spring cleaning episode of your life. You want your house to be clean and neat but not sterile in a way that doesn’t feel welcoming to your guests. Your front door also needs to have a lil decoration, you could just set up some lights and flowers outside your door.

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Refresh the bar in your house with stock

Refresh the stock in your home, If someone says they might drink 3 beers always stock up on much more because once they get a bit jolly they might tack on more. Also, don’t put your entire collection on display it tends to look very tacky. So put away all your extra lovely bottles that don’t need to be pulled out unless it’s for a special occasion. Also, always have some coffee ready, a lot of people really do love a cup post their meals. Try to have a few interesting cocktails to get everyone’s spirits up because people don’t know this but they love fruity concoctions.

Plan for your party well in advance

This is the most important part of being the hostess with the mostest. Plan, plan ahead of time. Make a list of all the people you wish to invite. How you envision the decor, do you want to have a theme party? Make a list of how many people eat meat and how many don’t. Organise an ice-breaker if you’re inviting people who are meeting for the first time. Always introduce people to one another with a few lines about the person and what they do. Make a seating chart if this is a sit-down dinner. Think of what linen and plates and crockery you wish to use.

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Make A Playlist

Make a playlist with a healthy mix of everyone’s musical preferences if this is a small group. If it’s a large one then mix your English and Bollywood. Don’t be afraid to own your Indianess, it’s very in, in other parts of the world. Make notes of the menu and when you pull out your showstopper dishes you’re going to serve up in. Put post-it’s in the dishes so you know what is being served in which dish. Be prepared for every eventuality. Plan out how you want your table to look as well and what other whimsical little elements will find its way to your table decor. Treat linen-like an embellishment, it should be floral or embellished. Also, make sure to decide your lighting. Lighting should not be too dark or too bright. Make sure that it creates a romantic ambience of softness.

Provide comfortable seating options

Always have extra seats and room for people to sprawl out and relax. Floor seating is a must to create that vibe. Crystal and colourful glass dishes are the best to use when serving your food. Present the food on different levels, you can use cake platter to create a distinction and this also helps utilise the space on the table adequately. Always have tabs next to your dishes for people to understand what they are about to eat. Play around with the colour of the food, just for embellishments. Don’t be ashamed to mix and match the plates you have, especially if you don’t have 24 of the same kid. This would make your table decor far more eclectic than usual.

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