Nikon Introduces Firmware Version 5.00 for the Z 9

Nikon Introduces Firmware Version 5.00 for the Z 9

Nikon India Private Ltd

Nikon has recently Introduces Firmware Version 5.00 for the Z 9 for its flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 9. This firmware update focuses on enhancing sports photography, portraiture, and overall workflow efficiency for professional photographers.

Enhanced Support for Sports Photography

Auto Capture Improvements: The firmware upgrade introduces several new features for Auto Capture. Users can now specify the shooting start date, time, and duration in advance using the reserve function.

Manual Focus Settings: The firmware update adds support for manual focus settings, giving photographers greater control over their shots.

Improved Auto Capture: A slower option [C15] has been introduced to prevent excessive shots while maintaining HSFC image quality selection. The [C15] setting can be combined with Pre-Release Capture, and [Airplanes] AF subject-detection has been added for improved focusing accuracy.

GUI Enhancements: The graphical user interface (GUI) has been improved to enhance the overall user experience. Auto Capture can now be used with the DX (24×16) image area or when a DX lens is used, catering to different composition needs.

High-Frequency Flicker Reduction (HFFR): The firmware introduces HFFR presets designed for frequencies commonly used by LED signboards. Users can easily adjust the value to minimise flicker by pressing and holding the [High-Frequency Flicker Reduction] button on the menu.

Enhanced Support for Portrait Photography

Rich Tone Portrait Setting: The firmware introduces the Rich Tone Portrait setting, which enhances skin rendering for straight-out-of-camera images in wedding and studio shoots. This feature preserves skin textures, achieves rich tonality, and minimises white slipping, reducing the need for extensive post-editing.

Colour Correction Feature: Users can now make colour corrections while checking the live-view monitor, eliminating the need for post-shoot editing. This feature brings convenience and peace of mind during review sessions for pre-wedding, fashion, and advertisement shoots.

AF-Assist Illuminator: The LED light (white) on the Profoto A103 can now serve as an AF-assist illuminator, aiding in precise autofocus and capturing portraits with subjects positioned at the edge of the frame.

Improvements for a Faster, More Efficient Workflow

Extended Menu Banks: Users can manage photos and video shooting modes separately using the extended menu banks feature.

Focus Point Display: The focus point display now includes the option to adjust the outline thickness of the focus point.

Simplified Manual Focusing: When [Max. Aperture Lv during MF] is turned on for manual focusing, the live view display utilizes the maximum aperture, simplifying the identification of the focus peak.

Zoom Mode and Recall Shooting: Users can now exit zoom mode with a half-press release, and the recall shooting function has been improved for increased efficiency.

Additional Enhancements: The firmware update includes features such as auto image rotation information recording in EXIF, enhancements to Hi-Res Zoom, customization of the retouch menu, improved playback of burst continuous shooting, and enhanced video playback functionality.

Other Features

  • Improved display of ATOMOS UltraSync BLUE timecode
  • Bluetooth connection between ATOMOS UltraSync BLUE and the MC-N10 Remote Grip
  • FTP upload improvements
  • Port number setting added to the FTP connection wizard
  • Change(s) to retry control when FTP connection error occurs
  • Consistent file naming for resent images and associated voice memo files
  • Saving of IP addresses acquired automatically, even after moving to a different location
  • Expanded custom control functions

With the release of firmware version 5.00, Nikon Z 9 users can enjoy enhanced capabilities and features that cater to their professional photography needs, further improving their shooting experience and image quality.