No more chicken legs: best exercises for bulky thighs 


There is a funky catchphrase that is quite common in the gym and it is known as chicken legs. It basically means that this person has skinny legs and they really need to work on themes elves. Believe us no one wants to be called that and here are a few exercises that will help you add some bulk to your thighs.



Lets start with the most well-known exercise for thighs which are squats. This is an exercise which everyone should do at least once a week as it really works for your benefit. If you really want to focus on bulking up your thighs you should start doing at least 50 squats every day, increasing the number once you feel comfortable. And after a month you will feel the difference yourself. Squats give your thighs the shape you want and it tightens up your thigh muscles.

Single leg squats

Focusing on your thighs can be a tough challenge as the exercises can be tough and painful, when youre doing squats sometimes you unintentionally make more impact or pressure on a single leg which is very common because everyone has a dominant side. In order to make sure both your thighs get equal attention, single-leg squats are the exercise for you.

Sumo squats


Just shaping your thighs is not important as squats dont focus on the upper section of your thighs. Sumo squats focus on the upper section of your thighs which is essential for the bulk. It is an exercise that forces you to stretch your body and gives it flexibility. It may be a challenge for you at the start but soon you will see the results.


There are two ways in which you can perform this exercise, you can either stand still and do the lunges that way or you can do them like you’re walking. Whatever way you choose it is an essential and useful exercise for a bulky look for your thighs.

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