Non alchoholic mocktails for your wedding 


When it comes to offering alcohol at your event, there is a correct etiquette for your Indian wedding.  Well, it all really depends on your customs, your budget, and what you and your family deem appropriate.

Now let’s look at what can and cannot be served at certain weddings and what you can do as an alternative.For Indian wedding receptions that will serve alcohol we suggest that you keep it classy, consider your budget, and be aware of your guest and their preferences. 

For those weddings where drinking is not deemed appropriate here are a few mocktail ideas for you to make sure no one feels left out.

Bellini Mocktails for your bridal shower

Place frozen fruit and fruit juice in a blender. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Blend until smooth. Puree will be thick.Place 2 tablespoons fruit puree in the bottom of each of 8 champagne flutes. Slowly stir in sparkling grape juice and stir to combine. This will make a great bridal shower mocktail.

Sparkling Purple Punch for that rehearsal dinner 

Combine raspberry sherbet and grape juice in a large punch bowl. Stir until smooth. Stir in ginger beer. Garnish drinks with skewers of frozen Hy-Vee Short Cuts triple-berry mix, if desired.Ginger beer adds the sparkle to this grape and raspberry flavored punch.

Pink Mocktail for your bachelorette party

Fill a 32-cup beverage dispenser with raspberry lemonade, grapefruit juice and lemon-lime soda.Freeze additional juice into flavored ice cubes.

Berry Lemonade for your mehendi function 

Combine blueberries, sugar, and water in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil; reduce heat. Simmer 3 minutes or until sugar dissolves and blueberries release juices. Remove from heat; cool.Combine blueberry mixture with lemonade in a large pitcher and serve.


Lime Sherbet Punch for the garden wedding after party 

Combine lime sherbet and limeade in a large punch bowl until smooth. Stir in key lime water coolers. Garnish drinks with lime slices, if desired.If you’re searching for a sweet and tart citrusy punch made for a crowd, you’ve just found it!