Some people have the annoying habit of asking newlyweds the most intrusive and unnecessary of questions. Are you one of them? Read this list to find out.

1. “So, when can we expect the good news?”

Give the new couple a break. They just made the biggest decision of their lives – to get married! When they wish to add a new member to their family is completely up to them. Why are you so interested anyway? Surely you have other important things to worry about, don’t you?

2. “Sorry to say this, but your sister looked a lot prettier than you when she was a bride”

If you’re sorry about what to say, maybe it’s really a good time to reconsider what comes out of your mouth. You know that saying, “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all”, don’t you? Let’s try to practice that.

3. “So…how was your honeymoon? *wink wink*”

If the newlyweds could really tell you what’s on their mind, it would probably sound like this – “It was wonderful because we were far, far away from nosey people like you.” But seriously, everyone knows what happens in a honeymoon, there is really no need for small talk.

4. “Do you miss being single?”

Let’s face it, at one point or the other every person misses being single. When you can’t flirt with someone you fancy or take someone out to dinner and talk about your favourite TV shows with a sense of excitement in the air, it can be frustrating sometimes. But being with someone comes with a whole set of perks and specially never having to be alone.

5. “I don’t believe in marriage.”

Okay, not that anyone asked but please go ahead with whatever floats your boat. Most newlyweds are often bombarded with preaching about how marriage is just a social construct and that a so and so person doesn’t believe in it.

6. “Your life is now practically over.”

Again, if you don’t have encouraging words for the new couple, just wish them happiness and go your own way. Not all marriages are sad and broken marriages and life with your newly-minted spouse is just beginning. Be ready for a whirlpool of surprises life will throw at you.

7. Give late suggestions about the wedding as though hindsight came calling.

A lot of time, effort, planning and money goes into a wedding and if that single guest tells you that the chicken was dry or that the flower arrangements looked like it was from the 90s, just take a deep breath and smile. It was your wedding, your big day. Remind yourself that it could not have gone better.

8. “Tell me his/her annoying habits.”

Once two people get married, they automatically become a great team. When someone asks them about their significant other’s bad habits, they won’t utter a word and it should be that way.