Not So Romantic Destinations For An Adventurous Honeymoon


You and your man, while discussing the honeymoon have never agreed for a simple vacation. All you both need is thrill, excitement and some action. Here is a list of 5 places to give the couple the most jaw-dropping and unique experience:

1. Want Some Trekking?

Practical Wanderlust

Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, located in Peru, South America is one of the best options available. Inca Trails falls in the Andes Mountains. It is a 26 mile (42 kilometres) stretch that connects several Incan archaeological sites: Runcuracay, Sayacmarca, Phuyuptamarca, Wiñaywayna, and of course, none other than the magnificent Machu Picchu ruins. The escapade involves 4-5 days of hiking.

2. Explore The Endangered Species!

National Geographic

Swim alongside the endangered species in Ningaloo Reef,  world’s largest fringing reef, a 260-kilometre (162-mile). It is a World Heritage-listed site, situated in Western America. It attracts 500 species of fishes along with loggerhead turtles and hawksbill. You may be able to spot humpback whales as well. Sal Salis has a beautiful Honeymoon Tent where the couple can lazy couple of hours.

3. Is Skiing Your Thing?


When the temperature drops down to zero during winters, one can visit Mount Etna, Sicily. It has two main ski resorts, Piano Provenzana and Nicolosi, offer both alpine and downhill slopes.  It is the largest and active volcano, but can also turn into a skiing destination as well. Incredible views can be seen across the Ionic, Adriatic and Mediterranean seas if the weather is good.

4. Try Scuba Diving!

Andaman Unlimited

Visit Andaman, explore the marine life from January to May, as it is considered the best time when the island remains calm. It offers clear, warm water with very high marine biodiversity, making it a very attractive dive destination. There are so many things that you can not afford to miss-coral reefs, octopus, scorpion fish etc.

5. Need For Speed!

Hinterland Times

Motorcycle in the Isle of Man. Located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain & Ireland. Be the pillion rider, if not the rider. There is nothing on Earth compared to the Isle of Man TT Races. It is considered to be one of the best places in the world of sport.

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