Offbeat Ideas to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

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Wedding celebrations are significant as they not only officiate the unification of two people but also families. You can personalise your wedding day by adding things that represent you as a couple. For instance, one can use family history or the story of how they met as a couple. One can also customise their wedding according to the interests of the guests. Here are some offbeat ideas to make your wedding stand out.

Unity Candles
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Unity Candle Décor

Candles are used universally as a symbol of union, support and faith. Lighting candles at weddings depicts the unity of two people and their families. Gleaming light and the fragrance of beeswax create a joyful and warm ambience.

Wedding Map

wedding map
A Wedding Map

This is one of the most voguish ways to make your guests well acquainted with the wedding plan. You can add details about all the ceremonies which will make it easier for your guests to find locations. A Wedding map is usually used for destination weddings.

Birthstone Decorations

offbeat ideas
Birthstone Décor

Another creative way to make your wedding exceptional is to add the colours of your birthstone to your wedding decor and jewellery. This is a great way to personalise your wedding and add a sentimental touch to it. Commonly used birthstones are diamonds and rubies.

Floral Decor

floral decor
Wedding Floral Decor

Flowers add a touch of texture and colour to occasions. You can choose the floral décor according to the wedding theme. If you want a minimalistic look then you can go for a mono-floral look. Herb centrepieces can also be used depending on how formal the event is.

 Wedding Theme Box

wedding theme box
Curated Wedding Box

 This will not only help you in getting away from the strain of wedding preparations but also be an excellent surprise for your loved ones. You can use chocolates, greeting cards, jewellery and even matching gowns for your bridesmaids. There are boxes curated for to-be brides as well which can include everything from pre-wedding skincare essentials to perfumes.

 Custom Live Music

offbeat ideas
Custom Live Music

Music has the power to connect people. Any celebration is incomplete without it. Isn’t it? So don’t forget to pre-book a live band or DJ for your wedding. Choosing the appropriate music to suit the kind of ceremony is extremely important. One can also incorporate arrangements like karaoke for live singing.   

As diverse as weddings are, there are numerous ways to make your wedding stand out. These are just a few of them. Keep in touch for more offbeat ideas. Happy reading!