Om Jewellers- Crafters of the Finest Bijouterie


Jewellery is undoubtedly a bride’s best friend. Numerous days even before the wedding day, she starts to plan what kind of jewellery she wants to wear.

Jewellery not just elevates her aura, it also enhances her personality. A bride selects her jewellery with utmost care so there’s not a shred of regret later on the day of the wedding. Om Jewellers has made it a prominent name when it comes to the most exquisite jewellery. It is a more than 78-years-old brand that has achieved a commendable reputation in this field. Their jewellery embodies the old age values and traditions as well as contemporary elegance.

Om jewellers believe that jewellery reflects the personality of the wearer. Thus, they render an array of choice to their customers. From dainty diamonds to sterling silver, from antique gold to contemporary platinum jewellery, their collections shall meet all your bijouterie needs. Their uncut diamond collection Jodha which is said to be inspired by Jodhabai is the epitome of royalty and strength. ‘Yugaani’, derived from the word Yug which means era, is their antique gold collection. This collection celebrates the ancient era of gold sculpting from across the globe. Their ‘Forevermark’ collection is something that you cannot have enough of. For evening soirees and other cocktail parties, pick pieces from this collection if you wish to be drowned under adorable compliments.

Their collection ‘Roz’ oozes out freshness and purity. It’s intricate and sophisticated patterns are eye-catching. If you enter their store, you shall be spoilt for choice as to which jewellery piece to buy. They craft each and every jewellery piece with utmost care and precision. Each piece of jewellery goes through several quality checks so that only the finest pieces reach you. Om Jewellers strives to make the finest jewellery of all, just so, it can make your special day even more special.

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