On The Road Munchies for The Travelers


For souls that like to wander and travel around the world, packing and unpacking is not a hassle. But what is, is the worry of storing food that quenches their thirsts and hunger, without getting degraded on the food. Well, all edible items are bound to become stale after a certain period of time. So, what do we do? Here are some healthy options that will keep you full while you hit the road, and sustain longer than regular food –

  1. Roasted nuts and seeds

A  great source of energy and protein, roasted nuts and seeds are appetizing snacks. Filled with nutritious values and superfoods, you can pick up multiple nuts from the market and store them as-is, while you are packing stuff for the next trip. Nuts and seeds are also warm, which means they will help you retain your body’s natural warmth and fuel you from within to keep going.

  1. Nutrition bars

The name says it all. Nutrition bars are generally made out of granola, oats, nuts, and healthy chocolate. Do not worry, these will not make you feel drowsy, but the opposite. It is also considered to be a healthy snack during a regular day, or while working out, so why not during your travel? Pack plentiful nutrition bars in your bags and unwrap right away when your stomach calls for more.

  1. Baked potato and banana chips

Fried food items are a big no-no. Not only do they make you fall asleep quicker, but they are also an unhealthy option if you are leaving your natural habitat and traveling, making it even more difficult for your digestive system to function. It is better to keep baked items like potato or banana chips with you as they help you feel full within a few bites. You can prepare those at home or could purchase them from a variety in your grocery store.

  1. Dried fruits

Just like baked products, dried fruits are also stored as superfoods. Fruits themselves are one of the healthiest options to keep with you in case of uncalled hunger. You must also keep in handy regular fruits, but ensure that you consume them within a few hours of your travel journey. Dried ones on the other hand are like a snack that you can munch on while sustaining the healthy factor of all the fruits.

  1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurts are an essential part of several gym freaks and body training enthusiasts. Thanks to its healthy sweetness make food-conscious people wanna have it. It is important to have a certain amount of sweetness in your daily life to maintain the balance of your body, and there is nothing better than having any flavored Greek yogurt. You could also pair it up with any snack mentioned above to create a whole meal!

  1. Whole-grain crackers

When biscuits get a healthy and nutritious makeover, crackers are the results. While you may want to keep biscuits and cookies with you, they might slightly count as an unhealthy snack. Instead, invest in multiple whole grain crackers that are delicious to munch on as well as heavy on your appetite. They come in various types also, which makes them even more interesting to buy. The whole grain component in these crackers is what sets them out from regular cookies.

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