One of a Kind Wedding Return Gift Ideas


Menus and lists all set, but stuck on the thought of return gifts? Well, sweets and chocolates are already unsaid gift items but is that all? Are you bidding goodbye to your close ones in a cliche cold manner? Absolutely not! Today we will help you in finalizing, or at least planting some unique ideas of RSVP gifts that are here to stay for a long time. With these items, your invitees will not only feel a sense of belongingness, but also a dash of extravagance.

  • Layer of Silver
Absolute class – Silver gifts.

Silver is considered to be one of the most elite components of the wedding world. Including a silver piece is considered to be not just lucky, but noble also. Families can use silver in various types of gifts. You can either choose to gift silver vessels as home decor, or convert it into something auspicious like idols of god. Another way to include silver in your list is to gift a silver showpiece that can sit on the shelves of the guests’ living.

  • An Aromatic Gift Piece
A unique wedding return gift – diffuser set.

A diffuser is a small yet effective utility object that is placed in a room along with a candle and scented essential oils. The purpose of the diffuser is to fill the room with a mild, pleasing, and mind soothing fragrance. Recently this piece of gifting has been getting immense popularity, especially among the elite class as it is a simplistic way to accentuate the aroma of your home. Diffusers not only add a touch of royalty to your place, but also calm your senses and help you to live in the moment. If you wish to gift a home decor item as a return favor, diffuser sets are the right pick for you

  • Touch of Personalization
Personalized photo frames will remain as a warm gift.

Personalized sets always top the list when it comes to gifting items. Anything that has been customized according to the person who is gifting, or the person who is receiving adds a layer of warm human touch to the entirety of it. We say, you could frame a picture of the family, or group who has attended the wedding ceremony and lend it gift wrapped. This picture could be one of those from the rituals and dances. Imagine how special your attendees would feel when they unwrap a photo from the grandeur event, where you and them were caught in a very remarkable moment!

  • Scented Rush-lights
Scented candles look aesthetic as a gift item.

Another new game in the market are the luxury scented candles. A super trick to enhance the quality of your sacred space, luxury candles can be seen in different varieties and flavors. From aqua to vanilla, rose to sandalwood, you name it and get it. Packaged in luxurious cylindrical glass jars, and reusable wicks, these waxed items of opulence are a must have in your bounty list. Every time your guest lights up one of the candles that you handed them over, the memories of the holy matrimony will be revisited.

  • A One and A Pair
Perfect depiction of class – a Wine bottle and a pair of glasses.

If you wish to add aristocracy to your ceremonial events and especially when you see off your magnificent guest list, a bottle of wine paired with a couple of wine glasses is the perfect fit. Liquor like wine and champagne are the pioneers of wedding menus, and what’s better than using them as return gifts for your near and dear ones? You can create a hamper box by including a bottle of wine, complemented with a sleek pair of wine glasses. Captivating right? Another way to up your gifting game is to personalize the bottle or the glasses by adding the family name, or name of the individual on their respective necks. Your guests could cheer for your wedding in the future when they pop open the vial.

We hope that now you are no more confused about what to give back to your guests in exchange for their greetings and blessings. Gifts are special, but gifts with a thought are solitary. Remember you get married once, so you have to curate that return gift list with all your heart!