An Open Letter To The One Seeking Love


An Open Letter To The One Seeking Love

From the hug shared with your mother to the laughter exchanged with your friends, each action is an equal and opposite reaction of love. To even try and describe love is a mammoth of a task, not because I can’t find the right adjectives to define it, but because I am at a loss of finding a suitable limit, if there is any. It is completely beyond the bounds of possibility to even try and confine or tame love; it should be an open ended bracket with no limitations. Being an absolute, hopeless romantic, I believe in the concept of true love and soul mates, blindfolded and wholeheartedly. I indulge in it and shout from rooftops preaching it.

Alas, the conquest to finding love is not an easy sail. Often, you have to face rough waters, heavy tides, difficulty in breathing and sometimes you even drown. But what matters in the whole scenario is how after hitting rock-bottom, you pick yourself up and let yourself be resuscitated. You let someone in and let them help you. Let them pick you up from the very bottom and take you to the apex of happiness. Let them heal your wounds, the ones you sustained through the overly rough sea journey. Let them guide you to the shore to enable you to savor the beach and the shallow waters. Let there be a will to live and love.

Don’t let a couple of frightful  journeys ruin the sea for you, because there’s nothing as beautiful as experiencing a smooth ride, enchanted with moonlight with the one who’s meant for you. An abominable experience takes you a long way, teaching you morals and lessons that no word of advice or article on relationship can instill in you.

Don’t write off that underdog friend who’s always there impersonating the roles of a protective brother, a loyal confidante and a punching bag. He might be the one for you, the one whom you already friend-zoned.  Don’t let the coward in you get the better of you; take the risk of approaching the cute guy from the bar, he might possess the key to your heart. Meet the guy your parents are over-enthusiastically selling to you, he might be the one who will sweep you off your feet. Don’t crumble into pressure and believe it when people tell you that you are either too young or too old to be in love. Love knows no bounds and barriers and comes with neither a manufacturing date nor an expiry date. Love is eternal, it’s timeless. For love, age, gender, religion, caste; no bar.

Just don’t stop looking, don’t lose faith and don’t wither into self-pity.  There is someone out there, who is waiting to find you or be found by you. Till you know in your gut that this is the one, don’t settle. And till you find “The One”, don’t be afraid to carry your heart on your sleeve. Let love do it’s magic, because when it does, the entire past trauma get washed away by a sense of belonging and gaiety. And all good things do come in due time.

– A Believer of Love