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Bridal jewellery is the one to stand out tall and loud in her outfit in Indian cultures. A bride’s style and look totally relies on her jewellery apart from her outfit. Then, it only makes sense that her jewellery needs to be on-point with the trends of the day. Also, it should speak volumes, literally, of bold glamour. Wedding Affair lists some OTT jewellery trends of the day for the modern bride.


Ostentatious and Bold

The jewellery on the runways has actually gotten larger than life, and the trend is slowly but surely creeping into our wardrobes as well. Huge, maximalist and chunky jewellery is a big statement without any effort. The chunky chains have become a huge thing in recent times.  Indian jewellery designs particularly reek of maximalism. Since the very beginning, India has been the bastion of maximalism in jewellery designs across the globe. These designs have erupted from rich Indian rulers of the past who took extreme decoration and architecture to the heights of magnificence and complexity.

This jewellery style is making waves around the world. Now maximalist style is supposed to be over-the-top, but some people like to keep it subtle. If you want to ride in the trend current but do not want to look loaded, you need to work on the styling. The key is to pick a theme, colour or body part and just focus on styling it correctly. Stacking it is going to be your thing, if you’re new to the larger-than-life accessories — just get stacked in a few dainty and minimal pieces to create the maximalist effect. Or you can choose just one huge, sculptural piece to complement your look. There are a gazillion options in the market to choose from.


Metallic Bling and Textures

The current style trends are mostly guided by the millennials and Gen-Zers. The same goes for jewellery trends. The young generation is experimental and hence ready to mix metals and add textures to their accessories. The gemstones combined with a variety of metals and textures are the culmination jewellery everyone is looking for this season. Peculiar motifs and unstructured, raw gemstones are in vogue and are here to stay. Diamonds aren’t the only thing needed to render luxury to your statement pieces. As mentioned by the top fashion connoisseurs, the trends have been moved by the shell parures at Prada, wooden brooches at Miu Miu, raffia necklaces at Simone Rocha, and many more style statements among others for the past runway season. Everywhere you looked, designers were elevating humble materials into highly desirable pieces.

Jewellery in geometric shapes and designs also trend owing to their minimalistic and formal appeal. Geometric jewellery is great for everyday wear, perfect for the office or occasions where bohemian accessories just aren’t suitable. Geometric styles look tidy and chic and oftentimes carry hidden meanings and messages of pop culture.


Pop of colours

This is also the season to bring out your colours. You can go for colourful crystals, bold ear cuffs, crystal-embellishments, mismatched earrings, over-the-top hoops; the key is being extra. Play with various colours, go for contrasts, multiple colours, or look for unique designs — but look different. Portray your character. Live your own personality.

As stated earlier, raw, unstructured and multi-coloured gemstones in a single piece of jewellery are the new glamour quotient in a piece of jewellery. Be it a small, dainty hoop or a multi-layered necklace — gemstones are adorning most of the best-selling adornments in the market. Ace designers like Marc Jacobs, Ulla Johnson, Anna Sui and Brandon Maxwell are among the designers who have experimented with the maximum number of colours in their latest jewellery creations for spring 2020.

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