OTT Mandaps for the Wedding


The wedding day is the most pivotal in a bride’s and groom’s life. They wish for everything to go smoothly and perfectly. But gone are the days when people wanted a traditional wedding with traditional decoration and cuisine. Time is evolving and so is the mind of the gen-Z generation. People used to hire professional decorators for embellishing the wedding venue. Now, the bride and the groom take this crucial responsibility into their own hands and plan the decoration according to their own preferences whether it’s a small wedding or a grand one.

These Over the Top (OTT) Mandap will perfectly suit your wedding.

    • Fairy Mandap in the hills

      Your wedding will feel like a fairytale

If you are planning to have a wedding in the mountains, then get it designed in such a way that the mandap gets set in the open. It will give a fairytale feels because of the scenery it will provide. Choose your combination of colours for mandap in such a way that it goes with the background and you can get clicked for the wedding photographs in a beautiful view.

    • Royal Wedding Mandap

      Feel like a royalty with this mandap design

For your luxurious wedding, go for this royal wedding mandap near the water. The reflection of the mandap will look so alluring and this will be perfect for wedding photographs. Mandap under the moon and stars will be pretty as a picture. If you are having a night-time wedding and planning it near the sea then this would be an ideal location for the mandap.

    • Day- wedding Mandap

      Day weddings are great for aesthetic pictures

If you are planning for a daylight wedding, plan your phera mandap that goes with the sunlight. Decide the colours of your outfits and the wedding mandap in such a way that in the photographs you outshine the surroundings and get highlighted without special efforts. Daylight weddings provide a special element of natural light that will automatically radiant the aura of the place and the love of the bride and the groom.

    • Dome Shaped Mandap

      This OTT mandap is best for every maximalist

This absolutely gorgeous dome-shaped mandap will steal the eyes and hearts of everyone present at the wedding. Decorated with dazzling flowers and other ornaments the mandap will look heavenly. It is not just an aesthetic style but according to Hindu mythology, dome-shaped mandaps are considered sacred and auspicious for the new beginning of the lives of bride and groom.

    • Theme Based Mandap

      Theme based mandaps look quite aesthetic

Theme-based wedding mandap is one of the most popular wedding mandaps and is in trend. They look so elegant because the entire venue is decorated in accordance with the theme. Get your wedding mandap designed in relevance to your wedding attires or decide on a theme and try following it.

    • Tantalizing Floral Mandap

      Floral mandaps are great for cottagecore aesthetic

Indian weddings seek for sublime wedding mandap as it is the most important parts of the wedding are done in the four pillars of the mandap. The fresh flowers have a natural fragrance that brings positivity and good vibrations to the environment. Also, the floral decoration is so in vogue as it gives a traditional and classy look to the venue at the same time. Floral decoration also contributes to beautiful wedding pictures.

Hence, start giving a thought to these trendy wedding mandaps for the vital parts of the wedding and it will look sophisticated also. For outdoor weddings, these mandaps will suit the best and they will also contribute to delightful wedding photographs which you will cherish for an eternity.

Image Source: Pinterest

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