Outdoor Diwali Decorations


The weeks of big Indian festivities have begun. With weekend comes Diwali, and our homes have already become madhouses of intense cleaning and Diwali decor. The fragrance of fresh flowers, diya lamps, fairy light decorations and Lakshmi poojan — the entire vibe of this celebration is filled with positivity and hope. People decorate their houses in the best possible way to welcome positive spirits and Goddess Lakshmi into their homes. Exchanging of sweets, the celebration of Govardhan poojan and Bhai Dooj are what comprise this festival into one of the biggest in India. Wedding Affair recommends some outdoor decor ideas to light up this Diwali –

1. Fresh Flowers


The classic decoration of fresh flowers adorning the wall or railings of the verandas and rooftops never goes out of fashion. Besides, it is a super affordable and hassle-free way of decorating your outdoors. The fragrance of flowers also keeps the mood alive.

2. Lanterns


Lanterns also look particularly beautiful for the vibe of Diwali. Putting lanterns on the main gates, in the gardens or the balconies is a great way to make space look Diwali ready and festive.

3. Green Rangoli


Traditionally, rangolis have been made out of fresh flowers or special rangoli colours. When flowers are used for rangolis, the stems, buds and other parts of the plant are simply thrown away as waste. This time, you can use the stems and buds too, to create a green rangoli.

4. Light Bulbs


These are also classic decoration for Diwali. This time you can go minimalistic with the lighting to highlight the aesthetics of your veranda. One strand of light bulbs is perfect to light up the outdoors in a minimalist fashion.

5. Jars and Candles


From small to big — candles in a jar look very appealing in outdoor settings. Place them on the staircases, verandas, outside the main doors or porches, these are sure to beautify the surroundings with a cheery appeal.


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