Outfit Ideas for a Lazy Christmas

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How many days has it been since you tried your jeans (it might not even fit anymore now)? Since the global pandemic started shaking the entire world with its outbreak, many of us haven’t stepped out of our houses that often. With just regular zoom meetings being the only motivation to get out of your t-shirt, the days can get gloomy with mundane affairs. So, why hold back and let your spirits hit the rock bottom with boredom? Team Wedding Affair suggests having some fun with your loungewear wardrobe this Christmas. We mean, as long as you feel good in your clothes, your confidence is sure to rise notches higher. So make your Christmas day stylish, even at home by styling your loungewear in the following ways.

Go Monochrome

Colour coordinating your pyjamas is the way to lend a simple start to your fashion journey. Wear all white or all black and just relax. Praises for outfit will follow with ease. In the next video call with your friends and family, show off your monochrome style and let the compliments fill in your day with confidence. And hey! Monochrome must not mean going all white or black. Peachy shades and pastels are sure to suit men well. So give them a try and shine on! Try new shades of t-shirts and pyjamas from Baaqoo’s collections.

Get Striped

Stripes are the easiest and most elegant way for men and women to add oodles of glamour to their mundane outfit looks. Blue stripes particularly look amazing for a classic look. Striped pyjamas and t-shirts are just simple elegance working at its best. The experimental can try half and half striped that had trended recently. Or they might even try combining wide stripes with the slimmer ones.

Experiment with Quirky Prints

Stylish are those who experiment. Make this your fashion mantra, and watch yourself take your style outfit game to new levels. Successful experiments definitely draw a lot of attention. So, be it your t-shirts or your pyjamas, inducing prints into your attire shall definitely be a welcome change.


Throw Denim Jacket on your Loungewear

Just try your regular loungewear outfit with a denim jacket on, we’re sure you’ll be surprised to find how stylish you look. Try your denim jackets with our exclusive range of coloured t-shirts for men. Your style game shall definitely be appreciated by all. Denim jackets can easily be removed and put on anytime, and hence are very easy fashion. This is the most effortless addition to your everyday style.

Add Accessories


Adding accessories to your daily outfit is definitely going to amp up your daily fashion. From single rings to sturdy bracelets, every little accessory makes a big difference to your entire look. Style Baaqoo polos and t-shirts with bands and bracelets as accessories and give your loungewear a high-street fashion vibe. Have fun!

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