Outfits to Wear on Your Italian Honeymoon

italian honeymoon

The Italian peninsula is blessed with warm yet breezy weather making it the perfect destination for your honeymoon. Dressing for an Italian honeymoon might sound like a task, but it isn’t. 

Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world. It gave birth to designers like Valentino, Giorgio Armani, and Gianni Versace. These are some of the names that made their mark in the fashion world. You need to ensure that you are on top of your fashion game when you arrive in the land of pizza. Planning outfits for your Italian honeymoon just got easy because we selected staples that would keep you cool and stylish throughout your vacation.


sundresses for honeymoon

A blessing in disguise for women, the sundress. A sundress is a flowy dress that has a floral pattern flowing down throughout the skirt. These dresses can be short or even midi dresses. These dresses are made of a breathable cotton or linen material which doesn’t overheat your body and keeps you cool throughout the day. Climbing the steps of a cathedral or visiting the Pantheon? These dresses will help you achieve an elegant yet playful look. 

Bodycon Dresses

bodycon dresses for honeymoon

A bodycon moment which shows off your curves and fits perfectly is a must-have. Bodycon co-ord sets or dresses are majorly popular right now and are generally available in all materials and even styles. Make sure you pick a breathable material for Italy and try on some pieces before you purchase them because sometimes they could be a hit or miss. Make sure you try them on before you get them for your vacation. A nice dinner out with your husband or even a brunch date can be made into a special event with your bodycon outfit. 

Satin Midi Skirts

satin midi skirts for honeymoon

A material that is majorly underrated is satin. Satin is a thing and yet, has such an elegant shine on it which can easily make an outfit dress up or dress down. Satin helps you to build an outfit for dinner at an expensive restaurant or even for a date to the local museum. The potential that satin possesses is unmatched by any other fabric. Satin is indeed a little high maintenance due to it’s thin material but it is also easily fixable with a steamer or an iron. 

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Co-ord Sets 

co-ord sets for honeymoon

Easiest way to plan an outfit that makes you look put together whilst, you didn’t even put that much effort in. A co-ord set is a blessing in disguise for new brides who just want to enjoy their Italian honeymoon and not worry about their outfits. All you have to do with co-ord sets is accessorize them properly and they can even be transitional pieces in your wardrobe. Eg: if you wear a baseball cap and some sneakers for walking in the city and then change into some heels and a matching purse for the night, you have two outfits in one. 

Linen Tops

linen tops for honeymoon

The ultimate goat of the summer season. Linen, the praise and love is just not enough for this material. Linen doesn’t attract any heat, it is lightweight, it is quick drying and even comes in different styles like asymmetrical tops, crop tops, full-sleeved tops etc. The versatility of this material makes it a cult favourite. Linen tops are the easiest to style because they are mostly available in neutral colours which is what makes them so light and breathable. Plus, in addition to all the other benefits, linen is light which doesn’t make it a nightmare to carry to your Italian honeymoon. 

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Don’t forget to check out some of the bucket-list places on your Italian honeymoon with these stunning outfit recommendations.