Gold, in its journey through generations has raised its status from being just pieces of investments to the widespread spurs of trends and fashion. Following the current trend which has evolved through the grace of time, jewellery colossals P.C Jewellers puts forth an eclectic collection, setting waves in the market. Their collection ‘Holy Spin’ manifests the mystic beauty of Buddhist literature into luxurious pieces of artworks. A wonderful amalgamation of contemporary elements and Tibetan artifacts, these pieces metaphors speak volumes about flamboyance and traditionalism. Be it any occasion from the amorous romantic dates to the tenacity of a big fat Indian wedding, the ‘Holy Spin’ collection spells out a story idealising the modern woman – someone who is deeply rooted in the seeds of culture and exudes confidence. The theme arrays a signature of elements in each piece; carving the embossed figurative details with engraved rubies and colourful gemstones.

With the onset of the festive season, nothing can be more comforting for women than to relinquish their thirst for a jubilant collection of gold and diamonds’ in their closet. P.C Jewellers aims to provide their customers the best of designs at unbelievable rates and the strength of metal purity.

The major brand celebrated the changing trends by their successful campaign with Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna as brand ambassadors. The collection of ‘Holy Spin’ which was unveiled this festive season highlights the reminiscence of grandeur left behind in the sands of time. You can spot the evergreen legend Twinkle Khanna adorning the lavish pair up of a Maharani necklace with elaborate jhumkiyas from the consortium of the latest legacy revealed. It gave us a peek into the collection mellowing down from the trending multi-layered necklaces to out-of-the-box earrings inspired by Tibetan praying wheels.