Pampering your best half during her period

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Is your partner having stomach cramps, indigestion, mood swings and complete personality reversal, then either she doesn’t like you or she is seriously ill or the most likely scenario in the basket is that it is her *that* time of the month. She maybe on her ‘period’. No! Don’t go running for the hills yet. Now, as a man who haven’t gone through the horrendous suffering of your uterus shedding its lining, we can’t expect you to feel the sheer agony of the entire process. Though, you can be supportive and ease your partner’s ache. 

Here are 7 things you can implement or gift her with to grab the award of the next ‘Best Partner Of the Month’!


A lot of women tend to get unique cravings while on her period. In case you haven’t personally noted her preference, the evergreen bet is to go with ‘Chocolates’. Nothing can go wrong with sugary sweetness of a candy bar. Especially, the dark chocolates with at least 80% cocoa!  It is scientifically proven to aid blood flow, sleep quality, and mood. 

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Period cramps are the worst part of the whole cycle. They tend to be worse for the first 1-3 days. To rid her of that issue, present her with a massage oil! 

Ellement Co. understands the pain and aims to make lives easier for the women on-the-go. Their PMS oil consists of a special blend of powerful and pure essential oils, Ylang Ylang, Evening Primrose, and Cypress, to help relieve all the physical symptoms for women during that time of the month.

The PMS oil deeply relaxes the muscles in the body, particularly the abdomen and lower back, before and during the onset of pain. Since this oil is in roll-on form, she can easily keep it handy for a quick swipe on the concerned area at any time of the day.

Hot Water Bag

If your batter half is facing bad cramps on her lower back or abdomen area, provide her with a hot water bottle. These bags go a long way in making her body feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Scented Candles

Soothing aromas of scented candles help in relaxing the muscle tissues. She will need all the rest she can get on her period. There are several brands and scents available in the market for you to purchase for her according to her preferences and allergies.

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Hands down, the best thing you can do for her is make her feel special. You can show your love to her. Comfort her in her bouts of pain via hugs and cuddles. Just make her feel your presence and support. Don’t leave her unless she explicitly asks you to leave her alone.


Which girl doesn’t like flowers? Don’t forget to buy her a fresh bunch of her favourite flowers, whether they be roses, peonies, lilies or daisies. They will help in uplifting her mood and divert her attention from her current situation at hand.  

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Wave the magic wand of movies/netflix! Just like flowers, movies are a healthy distractions in the form of fictitious lives stories. Rent her favourite film to watch or better yet, play something latest and new in the market. Keep a batch of popcorn, put her feet in your lap and enjoy the quiet night at home. 

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