Pandemic & Bridal Couture: Stylised Bridal Face Masks

Bridal Face Masks

The brides and grooms tying the knot during the times of COVID-19 are going viral. Not only because of their love but also their innovative wedding crafts. These crafts include uber-stylish bridal masks for the bride. The beautiful brides’ beauty is simply just accentuated by these delicate yet couture masks. The brides are, hence, getting these specially designed for their special day. While the Assamese bride went viral for her couture handloom mask, designer Friederike Jorzig’s image also did rounds as she adjusted the veil of her masked mannequin. Therefore, these are the times we live in. The pandemic is here for some time and those desperate to tie the knot will do so in their own creative ways. Hence, bridal couture is going to have to include a couture mask for some time now.

The brides can get as over the top as they can for their masks, as it is their own special day. The outstanding bridal attire must not be dulled by a blue surgical mask. Therefore, Wedding Affair lists some bridal masks that are surely going to glorify the bridal couture. Take a look at these brides and stories to put a smile on your face. Also, for some extravagant bridal mask inspiration.

Handloom Masks

Bridal Face Masks
The Print

A photograph of an Assamese bride went viral on social media. Her delicate face mask was the talk of the town. She styled a silk handloom face mask for her wedding day and garnered praise and appreciation worldwide. The embellished silk handloom cover matched her bridal trousseau, turning the face mask into a chic accessory. Her wedding ceremony took place in Guwahati on May 22. Similar bridal face masks are to trend in the time to come.

The mask, made of Assam’s Paat silk, is adorned with the traditional kingkhap motif. “The idea was to leave the surgical approved protective masks for the medical staff, and encourage the population to wear more fabric-made masks with unique and creative designs,” said Nandini Borkakati, who designed the mask. (Source: The Indian Express)

Customised Couple Masks

Piyush and Devanshi’s Wedding – ToI

Customised masks for the couple to couple getting married will also work wonders during these times. One has to be careful yet stylish while tying the knot during the time of the global pandemic. Akansha Jain has been making such masks. Jain explains Entertainment Times that personalised masks are the way to go now.  “One doesn’t have to restrict themselves to medical disposable masks. Instead, they can now choose from plenty of fashionable options. I am making masks with 100% cotton fabric and have interesting texts embroidered on them. A lot of couples are also having their initials embroidered on their masks,” she says. Groom’s complement to the bridal face masks sure adds to the charm.

Playing With Embellishments

Paran Singh Photography

The brides will look graceful than ever if they play with right embellishments in their masks. Recently, Bhavdeep Kaur married Harkaran Singh Vaid during Lockdown by taking all the safety measures and precautions in this pandemic. The safety measure also included a face mask for the bride but a beautiful one. The bride matched the colour of the mask with her wedding attire. The embellishments also matched with the golden accentuates on her wedding dress. He entire vision of the bride was surreal.

Laced Face Masks

Radio Free Europe

The dress and face mask was designed by Friederike Jorzig in Berlin, Germany. The designer decided to create fashionable face masks for brides-to-be to wear on their special day. Jorzig styled the mask with the attire with a sense of delicate craft. The lace and the pure whites cleanly complement each other. Hence, one can easily visualise the future of church weddings with this photograph. While the general public has too onboarded the train to stylish couture in the times of pandemic. The brides have to definitely step their game up with these stylish lace masks.

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