Perfect Bridal Entry Ideas

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Every bride wants the most dreamy and romantic entry for her wedding. Ever since her wedding is finalised, her time on social media is spent on searching for the best bridal entry idea. From the song to the people, everything needs to be perfect. Her entry should be such that not only the groom but even the guests are gushing over the bride the moment she enters. 

For all the brides-to-be, if you are still wondering how to make your entry the most eventful and memorable one, we are here with the best ideas. Hang on and keep reading. 

1. With Your Siblings

Your siblings are an inseparable part of your life. Right from your childhood to your wedding, they have been with you; irritating you to the core and still standing by your side in thick and thin. Making your grand entry with them will not only be fun but an extremely memorable experience. 

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2. With Your Squad

The people who have witnessed your love story from its inception, the ups and downs of the relationship, have been the wingman/woman, the proposal and finally, your marriage deserves to stay by your side when you walk down the aisle in that gorgeous dress. 

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3. With Your Parents 

Nothing is more beautiful than making your awe-inspiring entry with your parents. No one knows you or even understand you the way your parents do. On your big day, walking with them to the mandap while they hand you over to the groom is sure going to be a precious moment for all three of you.

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4. With Your Dog

Many may not approve of the idea of walking down the aisle with your dog, but we perfectly understand what your dog means to you. They are your family and you are surely going to miss them a lot. It would be unfair to them if they are not a part of your wedding festivities. So go ahead ladies, break the cliches and do what you feel like. 


5. With Your Man

Walking down the alter with the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with is sure a dreamy thought. Far from what the regular entry feels like, this will definitely leave a mark on the guests as the most unique yet adorable bridal entry idea. 

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