Perfect Color Palettes for Your Wedding


Choosing our wedding day outfit is in itself such a huge task, and then there is the theme of the wedding too?! Well, that is something. Wedding color palettes require a huge brainstorming session between the families as everything depends on this palette. From the chandeliers at the venue to the carpets, the flowers, and tables and chairs, the wedding invites and the outfits for the families and the bridesmaids-groomsmen, and even the return gifts, every single thing revolves around one single theme – the color palette or some might say, code of the wedding. Draw some inspiration from the below-mentioned tones –

  1. All Ivory
Heavenly experience with all whites and ivories.

Angels have set their foot on earth, and guess where they landed? Your wedding! Whites and ivories are the perfect tones you need to go for if you wish to create a heavenly experience out of your big day. You can also broaden your color palette by including shades of grey and muted tones, but as many colors you put into the theme, it could get confusing and too much to look for. White is the easiest and most soothing color you can opt for, as it gives a subtle effect to the whole setup.

  1. Color of Love
Color of love – Red.

No one can argue about this, as it is by far the most wholesome shade to ever exist. Yes, the color of love – Red. In the past few years, this color suddenly disappeared from the wedding theme, but now it is back in business. If we think about it, which shade would truly depict the tales of your everlasting love by going over the top, or under the table? You got the answer. The red family has a romantic vibe to it that fails all others. You can go for deeper shades too, like maroon and burgundy, or lighter ones like strawberry or pink. To avoid making it too flashy, we suggest you mix darker and lighter tones.

  1. Pastel Pop
All the bright places with pastels.

Inspired by Y2K fashion, pastels are much in trend these days. It is probably the perfect way to include multiple light-toned colors without going too loud on the décor. You can include mint green, aqua blue, lilac, sage green, and peaches in the palette. All of these have a delicate feel attached to them, that will add colors to your wedding in the most gorgeous manner. Imagine each element of the venue, invitations, couture, etc has a different hue linked to it, just like rainbows coming to life!

  1. Brown Bombs
Warm shades of brown.

Talking about subtle tones, let us throw some light on the unappreciated color brown. If you look at the brown palette, you can multiple shades that will be perfect for a summer-ending and winter-approaching wedding. There’s chocolate, beige, tan, cream, rust, and much more. Couples looking for a warm hue family to elevate the theme of their wedlock must give this tone a try.

  1. Forest Greens
All the prosperous vibes with greener hues.

Looking for a breath of fresh air, and inspiration from nature? Green is the key to your answer. The color green reflects positivity and prosperity, and your nuptials are the most appropriate day to engulf these happy energies. Like the previous one, green, too, has numerous options to choose from. You could opt for sage green, bottle green, tropical green, and leaf green to name a few. Green outfits can balance the variations in different tones, and also make the right fit for something that is the correct amount of bright.

  1. Metallic Matrimony
Glam vibes with metallic tones.

We had to have something out of the box, which is also way too different than what is mentioned above. So, let’s talk about metallic hues – golden, silver, and rose gold. Beware – these themes are meant for the all-jazz couples who want a glam wedding ceremony tale to tell to their kids. Metallic themes are risky to choose, as they might turn out to be more blingy than what you wanted. But if done right, your day will be nothing less than the party of the year. Make sure that you choose only one metal tone and not more than that, or your wedding could turn into a manufacturing factory.