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Exchanging of wedding rings is one ritual that sets forth the wedding festivities in pace. The bride and groom exchange rings to seal the deal of their marriage. From beautifully cut solitaires to bands and multicoloured diamonds — people love to splurge on their engagement rings as these symbolize the sanctity of their marriage for years. In an Indian wedding, the bride and groom usually exchange rings in an intimate ceremony before the wedding. To help you choose the perfect wedding ring, Wedding Affair has mentioned some trending styles here.

1. Classic Solitaire

Harry Winston

A classic solitaire never goes out of style. Most of the people prefer this style of engagement rings as it is elegant, contemporary and also easy to carry. People also tend to emphasize the size of the diamond cut. The bigger the diamond, the better it is.

2. Coloured Diamonds


Yellow, brown, pink, grey, green, blue and orange — diamonds are available in a variety of colours, forms and sizes. And people love experimenting with them. From engraving them in the band and the sides to incorporating various cuts, all kinds of coloured diamond rings are in vogue these days.

3. Bands


Platinum bands have gained a lot of popularity these days as they are easy to carry on a day-to-day basis and look super chic. The bands also appear contemporary for the corporate workers and office-goers that can pair it easily with their sharp outfits.

4. Other Gemstones


Coloured and precious gemstones are ‘the trend’ of the season. Not only these look gorgeous with any metal but also are associated with good luck and charm according to Indian astrology. Sapphire, jade, topaz, ruby, and emerald are among the most popular choices of the people.

5. Engraved

Serendipity Diamonds

These days, people are also interested in investing in a lot of customized merchandise based on their favourite fictional stories and characters, and thus they also tend to get even their engagement rings customised accordingly.


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