Perfect locations to have a Destination Wedding, based on your Zodiac Sign


Destination Weddings are the perfect way to celebrate the matrimony and love between two people. These weddings are classy, modern and most of all super- duper fun. Nothing can top a destination wedding. It remains imprinted on the minds of people for years to come.

But choosing a perfect location for your dream wedding can be quite a challenge. So, we are here to lessen your worries by selecting the perfect wedding destination for you according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Thailand

The first sign of the zodiac, you are bold and ambitious. Your fiery personality is enjoyed and loved by everyone around you. So. It is quite obvious that you would want to marry the love of your life at a place that complements you.

Thailand is a great wedding destination for all the Aries people out there. You will love the warm and cozy vibe of the destination. Also, the place offers multiple activities to do for this restless sign. Your beautiful beach wedding will be the one to remember.

Have your dream wedding in Thailand

Taurus: Dubai

Proud, stubborn, and the most hard-working sign of the zodiac, this earth sign is grounded and dependable. Your wedding needs to be luxurious and elegant, just like your personality. So, for your shopaholic and pleasure-seeking soul, Dubai is the best place to plan your destination wedding. Here you can have a larger- than life celebration of your matrimony and between that, you can hit the streets of Dubai for shopping to your heart’s content.

The view from a resort in Dubai

Gemini: Sri Lanka

The eternally curious and playful Geminis need a place as magical as their personalities. Their love is deep and charismatic. They are introverts yet extroverts, smart yet sensitive, and just like their beautifully contradictory nature, Sri Lanka also possesses a magical duality in its geography. Here, Geminis have the choice to have a magical wedding in the hills or at the beach.

Beautiful sunset in Sri Lanka

Cancer: Greece

The most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancers are shy and sensitive to everyone. They are extremely loyal and devoted to their loved ones. They love with all their being. Greece is a perfect wedding destination for this sign. This place has a deep history, scenic routes, and beautiful beaches where Cancers can certainly celebrate their wedding affair.

City of Santorini: Greece

Leo: Udaipur, India

Warm and loving Leos are the lions of the zodiac. Their fiery and passionate personality charms everyone instantly. They exude confidence and charisma. Their royal personality needs a place as large and regal as theirs to celebrate their holy matrimony. Udaipur is the best place for Leos to have a destination wedding. They will certainly enjoy the food, palace resorts, and people of Udaipur and will have a blast marrying there.

A beautiful resort in Udaipur

Virgo: Turkey

Virgos are methodical, practical, and perfectionists. They like to plan everything and are very efficient. Artistic in nature, Virgos would enjoy getting married in Turkey. With rich culture and diversity, a wedding in Turkey would appease Virgos.

A wedding in Turkey would be magical!

Libra: Italy

Compassionate and empathetic Libras appreciate a blend of modernity and tradition. Italy is the best place for you to get married. Be it beside the beautiful Lake Como or a beach wedding in Tuscany, Libras would have their dream wedding in Italy. Their aesthetic sense would appreciate the intricacies and the rich artistic history of Italy.

A couple getting married near Lake Como

Scorpio: Bali

Passionate Scorpios have a mysterious aura. They are fiercely loyal, deeply passionate, and extremely independent. They enjoy luxury and exotic locations. Bali is the perfect place for Scorpios to have their dream wedding. The beautiful beaches and calm waves with lavish resorts would make Scorpios happy and they would be able to enjoy their big day without any worries or stress.

Blue lagoons in Bali

Sagittarius: Mauritius

Adventurous and carefree Sagittarians love to travel and experience new things and places. Their vagabond soul is always looking for different places to explore. A beach wedding in Mauritius would be a dream come true for Sagittarians. The adventure sports like snorkeling, kayaking, etc. would entice Sagittarians and this would easily become the best time of their lives.

A resort in Mauritius

Capricorn: Oman

This earth sign is disciplined, grounded, and very hard-working. They like to put their hundred percent effort into everything they do including matters of the heart. They love deeply and are great life partners. They would appreciate getting married in a rich historical place like Oman. These old souls will enjoy the rich culture of Oman and would be able to let their guard down and truly enjoy their wedding here.

The historical country of Oman

Aquarius: France

Aquarians are the visionaries of the zodiac. They are very creative and intelligent. Their quirkiness charms everyone around them. Their philosophical nature is always on the lookout for exploring new cultures and ideologies. Their dream wedding destination would be France. Aquarians would enjoy the rich history and architecture of France and would love to learn about its history with their partner.

Paris: the city of Love

Pisces: Maldives

Dreamy and intuitive, Pisces love Love. They are deep, intuitive, and very spiritual. They are fish in human forms! They enjoy deep waters and beautiful views. Their romantic hearts dream of a perfect wedding with their partner. The Maldives is a place straight out of Pisces’ dreams. Their destination wedding at the beautiful beaches of Maldives would be the perfect way for Pisces to celebrate their love.

Have a magical beach wedding in the Maldives

Destination weddings are a perfect way to celebrate your significant other and the bond you both share. It’ll be an affair that would spellbind everyone and create magic at the most beautiful of locations. Having a destination wedding will surely make your wedding day the best day of your life!

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