Perfect Photo Booths for Your Wedding


Weddings these days are all about going big and bold. So why not make it even bigger? Photobooths are being actively included in the wedding décor list recently and the trend is only getting competitive! Photo fanatics and wedding enthusiasts will surely find themselves at home right when they spot a sassy photobooth. And we all want the power couple to pose for the flashes and for our memories too. So here are some inspirations to work on –

  1. Go Minimal
Subtle yet beautiful, a minimal photobooth.

Minimal never fails to impress the naked eye and for couples who like to keep it subtle, this is your best pick. Choose neutral and muted colors to suit your style and theme and ask your décor team to present a backdrop with soft tones of love. You could accessorize this one by adding floating lanterns and lights, or blank photo frames. Even adding mini mirrors to the backdrop would do the required amount of justice in the most elegant way.

  1. Pop Up the Game
An eye-catchy colorful backdrop.

Not a basic couple? We’ve got something for you too. If you do not want to add neutral tones to your wedding photo booth, simply add all of the colors of the palette and let them do the talking. Nowadays, couples and families love to flaunt the big fat wedding vibe and it is an exciting thing to do too. Funky colorful backdrops with mix and match patterns, accessories like umbrellas, and vehicles like a decorated bicycle or three-wheeler just add the right amount of color to your wedding.

  1. Fun Never Ends
A quirky-fun wedding photobooth.

Remember how you attended birthday parties in your early teens where name tags and sashes, funky caps, and shades were all that you could spot? Yes, that is exactly what we are talking about. Secure a space at your wedding venue that has tags, sunglasses, fur accessories, double-meaning placards, and whatnots to showcase the fun game of your big day. The guests can surely have a blast at this corner and create memories of a lifetime.

  1. Flower Backdrop
An all-flower thing.

One of the most commonly seen trends in most celebrity weddings these days is the flower backdrop. A giant wall of mostly the same flower is created to serve as an aesthetic picture corner of the wedding. Ask your décor team to provide you with a variety of options to choose from, or simply order your favorite and let the floral power do its magic. If you wish to experiment more with this one, ditch real flowers and choose artificial paper-like flowers in huge sizes. Set them up in different patterns and the booth is good to go.

  1. Insta Power
Instagram inspiration.

Well, aren’t all these picture efforts been done for the gram in the first place? Instagram photo booths are really into the game, thanks to the trendy items included in the theme. Have some insta frames and couple hashtags on your big day, some internet slangs do the talking, and some quirky save-the-date tricks to up the fire.

  1. Filmy Set
Bollywood-inspired photobooth.

This one never disappoints! Who isn’t a Bollywood fan? Filmy photo booths are just the right thing to do on your wedding day, given the fact that it is a big fat wedding, and also that Bollywood has been an inspiration for so many things that you imbibe in your wedding. Add the lyrics of your favorite part songs, posters like those of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, and let the filmy keeda get out of all the attendees for that one day!