Perfect ways to induce fresh air in your living space


Over the years we have seen on the news and felt it on the streets that the air quality in Delhi is decreasing each year at a rapid pace. Air pollution is far more dangerous than you realize, it is something that will leave its mark on your body and may lead to many problems in the future. Controlling air pollution in the state is not in your or any one person’s hand, one place that you can purify is your home. 


If you’re someone who’s not into artificial air and believes in all things natural then beeswax candles are the perfect solution for you. Beeswax candles are not like paraffin candles which are petroleum-driven and can cause harm to your air quality rather than making it better. Beeswax candles give your place a nice soothing scent and it acts as a natural air purifier. 

Beeswax candles can remove all the toxic components from the air in your home and can improve their quality vastly. You don’t have to worry about changing the candle all the time as it burns slowly and leaves very little to no smoke. It is especially recommended for asthmatic patients as it can remove many allergies in the air too.


One thing that is definitely the trend nowadays is salt lamps. Due to its look and the function of purifying air, it has been a hit in the market and can be seen in many homes. People opt for salt lamps due to the fact it removes all the irritants in the air, allergies and different pathogens from the air in your house. It is a natural air purifier that is also used for decor as it has the ability to go with any room. 


Indoor plants are the norm nowadays for any home or office space. It is the most popular natural air purifier and helps rejuvenate air inside our house. It is a constant source of oxygen which helps us from many diseases in the air such as ammonia and benzene. 

It is recommended that you should put a plant in every room of your house in order to purify the entire property. These plants have little to no maintenance differs from plant to plant. Most of these plants don’t need a daily dose of direct sunlight or water. They can function all on their own. 

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