Phases every bride will experience before her wedding

Happy bride

Dear bride, when you and your partner are finally ready to take that giant leap of faith and tie the sacred knot, it is one of the most inexplicable feelings you will ever experience. You are happy, excited, nervous and jittery — all at the same time. Your mind is filled with thoughts of you as a bride and your wedding, your days in the preparation of it. There’s so much topsy-turvy going on in your head, it’s hard not to go completely berserk. Rest assured that all those admixture of feelings that you have no idea what to call are completely natural and every bride has gone through it. Here are 7 different phases of feelings that every bride experiences during the time from her engagement to her wedding.

Can’t Believe It’s Finally Happening

The first thought that automatically shoots to your mind is “Oh my God! Is this finally happening?” You just can’t believe that you are actually going to get hitched in a few months from now.

On Cloud Nine

Just thinking about that fact that you are about to have your own happily ever after story, gets you overwhelmed. And it can’t get any more happier.  


Nervous And Panicky To Get It Perfect

All of a sudden you have so much to plan and do in so less time. The invitation cards, the venue, the outfit, the jewelleries, the photographer, it seems almost impossible. Just a look at your never-ending to-do list makes the bride bite her nails.   

Apprehension Of ‘A New Life’

When the realisation dawns on you that you are about to start a new life and that everything is about to change, you can’t help but get apprehensive. The thought of coping with your in-laws only intensifies the feeling.

nervous bride

‘Not A Bachelorette Any More’ Feeling

Because you are still not ready to give up on those late night parties with your girls. And sharing your queen-sized bed with a new ‘forever roommate’ is as unsettling as it can get.  

Freaking Over Minute Details

As a bride, you want the day to be just perfect. While you have taken care of every bit of planning, somehow you cannot stop stressing about the trivialities.  

Can’t Wait For The Day

As your D-day inches closer and closer, the bride heartbeat starts racing and you can’t keep calm. But when you imagine yourself as a bride with your man for a lifetime, everything fades but the blush on your face and suddenly you are ready to take the plunge. 

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