Pick The Quirkiest Hairdo for Your Wedding Day


D-day arriving soon and still not sure how to glam up your hair for that perfect outfit you sourced? Don’t worry, we got you. For girls, females, ladies, women, hair is one of the most critical and time consuming body units that need particular attention when under the styling up process. Indian ceremony ensembles range from sarees to suits, lehengas to gowns, veils to dupattas, and capes to jackets. Along with this, there are so many things to take care of, like bijouterie, hair, footwear, and makeup. Women, to be specific worry too much about their wedding day look, because they really have too much to take care of! Wedding Affair is here to take this burden off your shoulders and present some chic and modish updos to don on the big day.

  • Sleek Low Bun
Bollywood brides wearing the low buns with jewelry.

An all time favourite wedding look is the low bun with circumference gajras. This bun has been the go-to look for most brides, as it adds the perfect amount of Indian touch in a subtle manner. Ladies can either garnish their bun through loads of gajra, or they can also add ornaments to their look like maatha patti, maang tikka, paasa, or even studded bun pins. The hair is parted and pulled back into a tight bun, and secured with suitable regalia. Bollywood brides such as Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, and Anushka Sharma opted for similar bun looks with their Sabyasachi ensembles.

  • High Rise Bun
Shilpa Shetty in a high-rise wedding bun look.

Pick the above look and elevate it to a level higher than before. Yes, that is the retro clubbed with a Bengali inspired look, the high rise bun. As said, this look is most famous amongst Bengali brides of India, and is mostly chosen for dost with lighter hair. An alternative to common hairdos, high rise buns are easier to carry as they sit undisturbed on the head, no fuss, and no tangled strands. A layered maatha patti is what works best with the final product. We love how Esha Deol, Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty have a similar, yet so different high bun for their nuptial days.

  • Wavy Locks
Alia Bhatt has started the wavy locks trend for matrimony.

A new trend added to the market, thanks to Alia Bhatt and her wavy hair look on her recent wedding, waves are here to stay. In this look, the bride’s hair is blow-dried for a while to increase the volume of the hair. Later, finger waves are created and set using a hair spray. You can add jewelry to your hair, like sheesh patti, to complete the look. Alia chose to keep it simple with a laid back veil and hair jewelry.

  • Crisp Curls
Crisp curls have been in the market since always.

Many soon-to-be brides opt for this hairdo for their engagement or mehndi/ sangeet looks. You could do that too. This is an advanced version of the wavy locks, as the curls in this tie up are more definite and visible. Where wavy locks are softer, crisp curls are heavier. A great way to enhance these curls is to style a diamond tiara on the crown area of your head, or you could also use similar pins for a more settled finish. Here, we can see xx in her sharp curls that are equally complemented by edgy diamond articles.

  • Jewelled Braids










Inspired by the ancient and traditional dances of India, braids are a beautiful way to authenticate your look, especially if you are going truly Indian with your wedding outfit. This style is more popular in the Southern parts of the country, but is slowly being adapted by other directions too. Nowadays, ladies are giving a twist to these braids by converting them into fishtails. Suitable for more western outfits, fishtails can be styled best with fresh flowers or minimalistic trinkets.

Your wedding hairstyle should be prioritized as that is something which cannot be changed during the day, and needs to stay intact, in order to avoid tangling your jewelry, clothing and hairdo altogether. We hope that you, too, are keen on trying these hairstyles on or around your main day.

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