Places to go Solo before your wedding

Solo Trip to Paris
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The best relationship is the one that you have to yourself. What more to cherish that, than a solo trip. Go, explore new places before your wedding. Pick a place, where you haven’t been but you do have few friends or relatives. Make your own decisions. Challenge your insecurities and enjoy your life to the fullest. This is also necessary. You will slowly learn to embrace new challenges that will come your way. This experience will change you forever. and slowly you will start loving this feeling of adventure. Wedding Affair brings to you some places that you must go on a solo trip before getting married.

Chilling, Leh

If you are an adventurer at heart and you know the person you are going to marry won’t enjoy climbing mountains while being oxygen deprived and the unkind weather, head to Leh before getting married and fulfill all adventurous experiences your heart so deeply craves for. Take a lot of photos to show your partner.

Paris, France

While Paris is known to be a romantic city, it’s not restricted to just that. That’s why you need to explore Paris on your own to realise and know that it’s not just a couples destination. Wander the gorgeous streets aimlessly. Discover the most amazing coffee at Café de Flore. Take a French cooking or baking class even if you are someone who has never stepped into a kitchen, just for kicks. Eat a lot of French pastries and spend all your time reading or painting. When night time falls, see how Eiffel Tower lights up.

Solo trip
Toa Heftiba

Puducherry, Chennai

If the wedding preparation is driving you mad and your family is kind enough to let you run away from it, the most ideal and budget-friendly destination for a spontaneous solo trip has to be Puducherry. Coastal breeze, authentic Portuguese and French cuisine to feast on and dreamy french colonial architecture to stare at all day.

Copenhagen, Denmark

With impeccable public transport, a stunning mix of modern design and mid-century European architecture, restaurants, and storybook charm, you can’t go wrong with anything in Copenhagen. It’s a paradise for solo travellers because of how easy it is to be by yourself there.

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