Plan your extravagant stay with Holiday Inn, Goa

Holiday Inn Goa
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Goa is on the checklist of almost every Indian tourist. The whimsical beaches surrounded by lovely views are what make Goa a perfect tourist destination. Couples have started to fall in love with the idea of planning their dream destination wedding in Goa. And, I don’t think there’s any better place than Holiday Inn, Goa for a perfect dreamy wedding. This luxurious property is located on 25 acres of lush green land. With a drive of about 60 minutes from The Dabolim International Airport, Holiday Inn offers the most comfortable rooms and suites with views that can swoon you.

Source : holidayinn

You can enjoy the splendor of staying at Holiday Inn by visiting their plush spa and salon. Give yourself the treatment that you deserve by enjoying a retreat at their relaxing spa. Not only this, you can soak in the sun by sitting by their pool. Holiday Inn, Goa is an ideal location for your family vacation too. Gardens that are spread across the whole property and sunset views that will take your breath away, this luxury hotel is one of the most desired stay locations for tourists across India and the world.

Source : holidayinngoa

Further, if you have a knack for delicious cuisines and sumptuous desserts, Holiday Inn is the place for you. Their chefs have been seasoned to only provide the best. You can choose from the variety of cuisines that they offer. Holiday Inn also offers flabbergasting venues for all your occasions. From a corporate meeting to the reception dinner and from a wedding to an engagement party, this property has beautiful spaces for everything.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Holiday Inn, Goa is the hotel of your dreams. Plan your stay at Holiday Inn, Goa now, and wake up to the amazing view of the Mobor Beach at South Goa!


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