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Bollywood Town A-listers like Athiya Shetty – KL Rahul, Alia Bhatt – Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal – Katrina Kaif, Farhan Akhtar – Shibani Dandekar, Rajkummar Rao – Patralekhaa Paul, all have intimate wedding celebrations with only close friends and family members in attendance — setting us new wedding goals.  

Intimate Weddings Are Gaining Popularity. Here’s Why 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to nurture and focus on the love and relationships that truly matter. Nowadays, people want to pursue more meaningful experiences and return to the basics of what is truly important in life. Intimate weddings are smaller, more personal celebrations of love between two individuals. They often prioritize meaningful connections, and quality time with close friends and family, allowing couples to celebrate their love in a way that is true to their personalities and values, making the day more special, meaningful, and truly reflecting the love they share. 

Intimate weddings typically have a warm, romantic, and personal atmosphere. They are often more relaxed and low-key compared to large weddings, with a focus on close family and friends. The decorations and ambiance tend to be simple and elegant, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for guests. The emphasis is on enjoying each other’s company, good food and drinks, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

New Beginnings With An Intimate Wedding
New Beginnings With An Intimate Wedding

Here are some tips and hacks for planning an intimate wedding:

1. Prioritize your guest list

Start by making a list of the people who are most important to you and your partner. This will help you to focus on quality over quantity, and ensure that the people who matter most are there to share the day with you.

2. Choose a unique venue

Look for a venue that reflects your style and offers a unique setting for your celebration. Consider a private residence, a small park, or a boutique hotel.

3. Embrace simplicity

Keep your decorations simple and elegant, with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Use flowers, candles, and soft lighting to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Bollywood Intimate Wedding
Bollywood Intimate Wedding

4. Get creative with food

Consider serving a sit-down dinner with a menu tailored to the couple’s preferences and guests. You can also get creative with food by serving a family-style meal or hosting a food-truck gathering.

5. Personalize the ceremony

Write your vows, have a friend perform a song, or choose meaningful readings that reflect your relationship. These personal touches will make your day even more special.

6. Make the most of technology

Utilise technology to reach out to loved ones who can’t be there in person, such as through video conferencing or live streaming.

Reflecting Love
Reflecting Love

7. Embrace flexibility

Be open to making changes and adjustments as needed, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends.

8. Focus on the experiences

Instead of spending money on expensive details, invest in creating experiences that you and your guests will remember, such as a fun photo booth, a dessert bar, or a memorable activity.

By following these tips, you can create an intimate wedding that is meaningful, memorable, and uniquely your own. Remember to prioritize the people and experiences that matter most, and embrace simplicity and creativity to make your day the most special.

Intimate weddings often have a simple and elegant feel, which can be more appealing than grand, elaborate celebrations. They can focus on the meaningful aspects of the wedding, such as vows and the company of loved ones, rather than worrying about the logistics of a large celebration. Intimate weddings offer privacy, allow for personalization, provide cost savings, reduce stress, offer quality time with loved ones, provide unique venues, and offer a simple and elegant celebration. These are just a few of the reasons why choosing intimate weddings over large, extravagant celebrations.