Planning a garden wedding perfectly

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are generally identified with a romantic breeze, colourful surroundings, twinkling lights and picture-perfect scenery. But let’s be realistic these things are not easily achievable and sort of dreamlike. To have a great and memorable outdoor wedding these important things are a must-know as suggested by Wedding Affair. You want your special day to be enjoyed by all and lived in complete joy. Often small things play a spoilsport, but these can be avoided if one is wary in advance!

Always keep backups

Even after regularly checking the weather forecast, there can be unexpected rain or thunderstorm. You should not completely rely on such weather apps. It is always better to have a Plan B, like booking an indoor venue just in case or an arrangement of waterproof tents for garden.


Take care of wind and insects

The worst thing in an event is to have creepy crawlies around you and mosquitoes hovering around your food. Also, you don’t want the wind to ruin the precious decorations and topple the furniture, so appropriate tents and drapes are necessary. Especially in a garden!

Arrange to seat precisely

For the guest’s comfort is of prime importance to have a good seating arrangement in the garden. No guest should keep looking for a seat to sit and should find it easily. Even if there are people more than expected there should be ample seating to accommodate.

Garden Wedding

Menu according to the weather

Food and drinks must be chosen according to the ongoing season. In the summertime, refreshing and cold drinks are preferable to beat the sun in the garden. Food which is too heavy and oily is generally better to keep in the winter. Seasonal fruits and vegetables also taste better rather than unseasonal ones.

Decorations and arrangements

We generally forget about the centrepieces and other decorations. But leaving them out in the harsh sunlight or extreme cold can dry and damage the flowers easily. To make sure that doesn’t happen make sure to set up the flowers on the day of the wedding itself. Whoever said you couldn’t elevate the outdoors? Tented Wedding with Checkerboard Dance Floor. Large Ceremony Flowers for the Altar. Floral Welcome Signs. Paper Fans. Wreaths. Chalkboard Signs. Ceremony Benches. All these sing of a beautiful outdoor or garden wedding.

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