Playing with the Zodiac


Isn’t it tantalising to know what seduces each zodiac sign and turns them on? Wouldn’t it be great to make love the way each zodiac sign would want to? Wouldn’t it be great to raise the temperature by quite a few notches even before you have stripped naked to tease and please each other? Know the love language of each zodiac sign before you rip off each and every piece of clothing on each other’s body and proceed to please each other, touch by touch. Keep your sex toys handy and hop on the bed, expect nothing but toe-curling and lip biting moments as Wedding Affair brings to you the sexual quirks of each zodiac sign.

Aries: Adventurous, impulsive and enthusiastically sexual — Aries not only take pride in their sexual conquests but also savour it, lick by lick. Being adventurous and impulsive they can pull off anything from a missionary to a squat thrust. Ruled by Mars, people from this zodiac tend to be sensual and aggressive. They love the chase and are mostly motivated by immediate sexual gratification. Once into the act, a steamy and passionate sex is ensured. They love to have a gentle scalp massage to set the right mood. Aries are blessed with incredible stamina that courses through their veins. Once they lust you, everything else will lose relevance. While having a coital session, Aries prefer their partner in a submissive sex position wherein they can own the object of their desire. Sex to them is purely passionate and animalistic. They are known for their intense and fast-paced approach towards relationships. Although foreplay is not their strong suit, they are always up for a challenge. Always in for quickies, they love to experiment moves from behind.

Taurus: Known to be the most sensual of all zodiac signs, Taureans are known to be sensuously stimulated by food, music, art and beauty. This zodiac can be a bit lazy and passive when it comes to sex. They tend to wait for sex rather than pursuing it with vigour. But if your are on their mind, you will have to put efforts to keep up with their passion. If you are their ultimate desire, they will be extremely practical about you. Being very practical, they will be armed with all the precautions. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the libido of this sign is closely connected to sound, sight, taste, smell and touch. The most erogenous zone for them is the neck area, so gently kissing or nibbling this area will surely make them crazy. This sign is aroused by sultry massages and aphrodisiacs.

Gemini: Represented by the twins, Gemini are known for their dual nature. While some Geminis explore their wild sides through threesomes, others have enough fire to even make a twosome act feel like an orgy. People from this sign love to talk dirty and are fascinated by the explicit details of lovemaking. They are extremely energetic and love to switch positions frequently during the act. Gemini rules the arms, so don’t let go of any opportunity to pin down, hold on to or cuddle with your Gemini partner. They will definitely want to have more than a glimpse of your body after this.

Cancer: This water sign doesn’t mind casual sex but intimacy holds prime importance in their hearts. Symbolised by the crab, Cancerians need to completely trust their partner before reaching the pinnacle of physical pleasure. They need to feel protected and safe to foster loyalty during coital sessions. They love spooning, cuddling and holding hands before the onset of a steamy amorous session. Being ruled by the moon, Cancerians are extremely wild in the bedroom. While having a sexual intercourse with this sign, opt for wraparound positions wherein both the partners can make romantic eye contact. To arouse the crab, you can also please them in lateral motions.

Leo: Leos are the kings and queens of the jungle. They are the apple of everyone’s eyes, the life of any party and the centre of attention. And, when it comes to their love life, Leos are both declarative and performative. The easiest way to turn on a Leo is to make him/her feel desired. Leos adore seduction through grand romantic gestures and elaborate expressions of adoration. The very thought of being wanted by someone sparks a desire of passionate lovemaking in them. Treat them to a lap dance as they sit on their ‘throne’. You can proceed to shed off clothes as the temperature soars and your lust for each other refuses to be tamed.

Virgo: Virgo represents the idyllic virgin, which often leads to the false assumption that Virgos are puritanical and innocent. Virgos are quite horny and enjoy exploring their kinky side in a safe and secure environment. It won’t be wrong to say that Virgos let loose once they are comfortable in a relationship. They are most aroused by wit, charm and intelligent conversations. For a more satisfying session, try running your nails gently across your Virgo partner’s belly. Experiment with the reverse cowboy or cowgirl position to satiate your Virgo partner to the hilt. You can also seduce them in the shower.

Libra: Represented by the scales, this air sign strives for harmony in all relationships. When it comes to sex, they don’t let go of their sense of balance and appreciate a highly reciprocal dynamic. Libras have a habit of treating their partners like a priceless work of art, adoring both their bodies and minds. They like to savour the act slowly, exploring each and every inch of their partner’s body. Between the sheets they are extremely giving and they never forget to maintain a balance as they expect their partner to return all the favours. Nothing captures the true essence of a Libra better than the classic 69 position.

Scorpio: Known for their magnetic charm, spellbinding seduction skills and voracious appetite for lovemaking, there’s no zodiac sign more closely associated with sex than Scorpio. It won’t be wrong to say that Scorpios are extremely sexual beings. Keeping in mind their fiery passion, sensuality and soulful intensity — intimacy for them penetrates the mind, body and spirit. Ruled by the planet of underworld, Pluto, Scorpios fearlessly dabble with power play and are turned on by the exploration of dominance and submission. To seduce your Scorpio, try to include bondage, after establishing safe boundaries and mutual agreement. Their pleasure spot is the groin area and other sex organs, so let your tongue do the talking and handle with care (and kisses).

Saggitarius: Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians are the most adventurous sign of the zodiac and are known to be natural explorers. Sex is always a refreshing adventure for these mighty archers. Philosophical to the core, Sagittarians view intimacy as an opportunity to exchange ideas and uncover the hidden. They tend to seek novel and thrilling experiences when it comes to romance. They have a playful, optimistic and carefree attitude when it comes to sex. Their erogenous zone is the hips, so saddle up for an enjoyably rough ride with your partner to experience the best of passion. To add spice to your session take your intimacy outdoors. Outdoor sex is a huge turn on for them, especially when there’s the added thrill of being caught. If you want to take your Saggitarian partner on a brand new adventure everytime you seduce them, try tantric sex with you partner.

Capricorn: Ambitious, dedicated, hardworking  and determined — these four traits describe Capricorns the best. When it comes to sex their approach is no different. Initially, Capricorns can appear unemotional and detached, moving extremely cautiously. But when finally at ease, they reveal a side of them that was unknown before, that of a crazy lover. Capricorns are dedicated to pleasuring their partners and take pride in their sexual exploits. They enjoy being their lovers’ first and love to explore role-playing. This mentally liberating play allows them to venture into their mysterious sexual side and act out their fantasies.

Aquarius: Aquarians are known to be innovative, eccentric and nonconformist. With their heads high in the clouds, it’s not surprising that Aquarians have a reputation for being detached and aloof when it comes to intimacy. But Aquarians are no strangers to pleasure. They are known to choose unconventional partners with whom them can enjoy intimacy to the tee. They love experimenting, so they’re turned on by anything that breaks the rules. Bring in some sex toys into the bedroom to excite your Aquarian partner and you won’t regret it at all.

Pisces: Having absorbed all the wisdom and learnings of the 11 preceding signs, Pisceans are deeply psychic and emotional. This water sign views sex as the coming together of two unique, beautiful souls. For them the bedroom is an infinite ocean where lovers can find and explore each other. Pisces rules the feet, so a steamy foot massage will surely prompt them to take off your clothes and explore you. They know how to pamper their partners both inside the bedroom and outside of it. Members of this zodiac can be incredibly seductive and they love half-asleep morning sex. So, the next time you plan a lovemaking session with your beloved you know when to do it.

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