Post-Wedding Make-up Looks for the Brides

post-wedding make-up

Post-Wedding Make-up Looks for the Brides: Weddings in India are a huge deal. From the Haldi ceremony to the Sangeet ceremony, every function holds great importance. For the bride, it gets a little more special as the emphasis is on her.  Weddings are fun and all but post-wedding ceremonies are more fun as they have so many jolly activities.

There is n number of post-wedding rituals in India. It gets very essential for a newlywed bride to look her best for all the ceremonies especially her makeup should be tip-top. The post-wedding ceremonies like Ghar Rokai, Kober, Pag Phera, and Mooh Dikhai. So, you have to look gorgeous with minimalist makeup. Here are some tips on how you can ace up your makeup look.

It is the first ceremony that takes place after the wedding. Here, the newlywed bride goes to her parent’s home just after the wedding day. Therefore, wear something lavish and pair the outfit with fine jewellery. Go for matte makeup as it is in trend. Keep the lipstick a little bit loud so that it gets highlighted. You can use the highlighter also.

It is the time when the newlywed bride cooks something sweet in her new place’s kitchen. It is a necessary ritual in Indian households. So, dress up nicely. Wear an elegant saree in which you are comfortable and can cook easily. Also, do not go for loud makeup. Keep your makeup light as you will look more modish. Your natural makeup look will look tasteful. If you go for loud makeup it will get ruined as you will be cooking!

It is harmful to the skin to apply makeup on a daily basis if you are not using organic products. After these continuous functions, you will get tired of seeing yourself in so much makeup all the time. So, for mooh dikhai opt for the makeup that has minerals in it. It will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Also, it will make you look more beautiful without applying much makeup.

Reception is the major post-wedding ceremony which is hosted to introduce the newlyweds to society. All the close and distant relatives of both families are invited to the reception ceremony. Therefore, the bride and the groom are the major centre of attention, particularly the bride. There will be cameras at the function. So, the HD makeup will hide the lines on your face and you will get amazing pictures. Go for HD makeup as it looks very sophisticated and is perfect for such a kind of ceremony.  

Everything feels very fresh and exciting for a few days after the wedding. The newlywed brides are more enthusiastic to begin their brand new life with new the addition of new people. So, enjoy the time to the fullest. Wear whatever you please and put on the makeup that feels satisfying.